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We're pleased to announce that Gossip Girl Insider has merged with its parent site, and invite you to join us at our new home for the same great content!

Our new location: TVFanatic.com.

TV Fanatic is the #1 source for Gossip Girl and 100-plus other shows you know and love. The Internet's most comprehensive TV site is at your disposal!

All the tools, features and writers you enjoy on Gossip Girl Insider have moved, but are exactly as you're accustomed to, on a new, improved interface.

Your user names and passwords will stay the same, as will the structure of our content. Use these quick links for accessing all things Gossip Girl at TVF:

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Please update your bookmarks and join us at our new home!

Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


All my comments are deleted. Why?


Hy! I've huge problem with new site. I can't log in. I remember my password and everything else... Maybe I do something wrong?


@chucksbabydoll, Clarice and others: Yes, this is the number-one source for Gossip Girl... and there won't be a single thing different with the Gossip Girl section of TV Fanatic. It's literally a matter of changing your bookmark and you'll have the same exact writing team writing the same exact reviews, Round Tables, Caption Contests and more.
@sarah: The reason 90210 never took off like Gossip Girl has is because 90210insiders.com was not a huge site. We appreciate that you came to it and we love that show and cover it on TV Fanatic. But that site never had anywhere close to the dedicated fan base that GGInsider has. We vow to not let all of these loyal readers down and to keep up the same Gossip Girl content on the new site. We've been providing everyone with the most Gossip Girl content (BY FAR!), at no charge, on the Web for years now. This move will help us reward the staff that has worked so incredibly hard to do so and all we ask is that readers change their bookmarks one time.


NOOO! Please GGI-Team, stay here! Don't move.
I'm not a registered member, but I'm every day on this side and I love to read all the stuff here & this page looks so much better than the new one.
Don't forget that THIS is the number 1 source for Gossip Girl and not this TV fanatic!


Thanks for trying to make us happy guys. You really are doing a lot for us fans of GG. The users will get used to it sooner or later. It's just a matter of time. I'm okay with it. Thank you again for this great fan site.


Ugh, I don't like the TV Fanatic site. They messed up many of the shows I've watched. I used to follow 90210 on 90210insiders.com, but then they moved to TV Fanatic. After that, there wasn't as much posts anymore. If there was, they were so boring and bland to read. The same goes with the now canceled Privileged. I agree with all of the people's suggestions above my comment! In addition, can you make the posts exciting? Because I was looking through the posts on the new site and they are dry.


could you make the font bigger on your new site?
and the black background is not easy on the eyes. could you change it to the lovely grey we all love?
and the GGI banner is way too small on the new site. overall im pretty sad this site is shutting down. to be honest i dont think im gonna follow you guys on the new site. it's probably a good time to part ways with my GG obsession. owell, best of luck GGI team! thanks for everything


i am definitely not ok with this. its going to be completely different now. the website doesn't even feel like its own thing anymore. it's not even Gossip Girl Insider (the number 1 gossip girl spoiler website in the world) anymore. its just the gossip girl branch of tv fanatic. the set up's different and for everyone who's been a long time member it feels as if this great website we helped build and develop from scratch is just being destroyed.


i don't mind TV fanatic, but I will say that the text on the homepage is wierd. idk how to explain it, but it's small and awkward to read. Is it possible to change that? I will miss GGI :-( but I'm glad you're not shutting down the GG love for good. Is it possible to keep trolls off of the new site? Probably not... lol, oh well, thought I'd at least ask!


Hmm...I don't really like the interface as much, as mentioned previously. It's smaller, harder to read, and less visually appealing. I don't mind if the url changes, I suppose, but it would be nice if it still looked the same. I'm suppose it's because I'm so used to this setup. I'm a bit disappointed because I used to like how GGI was a bit more of an independent thing, but I doubt that really influences anything.


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