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We're pleased to announce that Gossip Girl Insider has merged with its parent site, and invite you to join us at our new home for the same great content!

Our new location: TVFanatic.com.

TV Fanatic is the #1 source for Gossip Girl and 100-plus other shows you know and love. The Internet's most comprehensive TV site is at your disposal!

All the tools, features and writers you enjoy on Gossip Girl Insider have moved, but are exactly as you're accustomed to, on a new, improved interface.

Your user names and passwords will stay the same, as will the structure of our content. Use these quick links for accessing all things Gossip Girl at TVF:

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Please update your bookmarks and join us at our new home!

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I agree with Kary!
Can you please put the Gossip Girl TV Schedule on the new site?
And please change the fonts!! It is so ugly!


Is it possible if you guys could also post up the episode schedule like you do here? That was one of the things I loved. Thanks! Kinda sad about the move... But I hope you guys are having a smooth transition to the new site.


@dani: You got it. That's a project we are currently working on.


please put the recent forum posts on the homepage.
please! please! please!


@efron: Freedom of speech has to do with one not being imprisoned due to one's beliefs. It has absolutely nothing to do with posting comments on a website.
We only deleted comments by people that listed another Gossip Girl fansite. We've worked very hard to produce an enjoyable experience for Gossip Girl fans and if you are so bitter that we simply changed URLs that you'll visit another fansite, that's your choice. It's equally our choice to not want that advertised on our website.


wow, ever heard of freedom of speech?
nice move deleting comments u guys disagree


We will likely change back to our Gossip Girl names for Round Tables, but everyone please relax:
We are the same exact people, I assure you. The layout may appear the same for all shows on TV Fanatic, but look at the Gossip Girl page: it's unique in having ONLY Gossip Girl characters, stars, episodes, photos, etc. along its columns. Just take a look around for five minutes and you'll see the features are 100% the same and the content 100% the same, written by the same staff members.


The problems I have with the move are simply past experiences with the site. The layout is universal and binding for all the shows, and the updates are not as much (although I read promises of otherwise here in the comments). I loved seeing all the fans come together on this site, now it feel stripped away and just a branch of some corporation. However, I love the site and will give this change a chance. I hope there truly are benefits to the move, and will look forward to hearing them.

Elise of the upper east side

why [in the new gossip girl round tables] do you refer to yourselves by different names?? I know they may be your real names or whatever but i wish you'd still be lovelylively, dandy, and gossip guy :( and please make the layout the same as on this site! now its smaller and not appealing and like someone else said, hard on the eyes. and PLEASE go by your gossip girl themed names!!


Don't mind the content move or URL change, just sad about the TVFanatic layout - definitely not as appealing as this one.


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