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@ Gossip Guy everything is ok now :)


All I want to know is why did Gossip Girl Insider sell out to TV Fanatic?


Hey guys,

In an effort to stop "trolls," or whatever you kids are calling them these days, we have disabled guest posting in the forum.

We also did our best to try and help activation emails go out. If anyone is still having problems registering, let us know!


Will you guys still post news about the cast regarding their lives outside Gossip Girl?
Like when they have photo shoots, go on fashion shows, rumors, etc.


i agree iheartgossipgirl!!

its not that i want it to be dark, but everything about the show has changed. now its more like a comedy than the amazing drama it used to be. rip gossip girl (and gossip girl insider thanks to this move to tvfanatic!! ugh)


this is random, but is GG filmed differently? It used to be all grayish and I loved it! but now its all sunny looking and bright :(


@age: Great question - and, yes, they are organized. For example, look at this:

Below the photo, "In This Photo" is written. You can then click on the Character names and click through pics of those characters. Make sense?

There's also "More Photos from "The Hurt Locket"" below the photo. Click on these and you can sort through pics from that episode.


unless i'm clicking on the wrong link, is there any way to organize the photos on tv fanatic? i loved that i could search by character, episode, behind the scences, etc. and right now seems like there's 300+ pics in one big pile :(


aw. tv fanatic is a good site, but gossipgirlinsider is such a great domain name.


I'll admit, I'd rather things stay the same, but I checked out the new site and its decent.

My main issue was with how small everything looked, lack of previous round tables/caption contests, but when I checked it today the overall layout seemed larger, and problems resolved. I'm glad you guys are taking our suggestions/criticisms seriously.

One other thing- like many people have said, I'd really appreciate it if you'd use your GGI names for round tables. Reading the new round table w/t your new names kind of threw me for a loop.

But, not a bad job with the move. I'm sure I'll get used to it in time.

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