Chris Harrison on Bachelor Girls' Vienna Bashing: Knock it Off!

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With each passing day, Vienna Girardi becomes less and less popular with the other girls pursuing Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor and with the show's fan base.

Rumors are flying that she's a cheater who drained her Marine ex's bank account to buy some fake boobs. Tenley, Gia and Ali in particular just can't stand her.

Vienna Girardi does seem to realize she rubs people the wrong way, and Chris Harrison, The Bachelor host, says that sort of thing may come back to bite her.

On the flip side, though, Chris hints that relentless hating on Vienna may hurt the other girls' chances as well. Ali Fedotowsky is the prime offender thus far.

Might Jake Pavelka reject them both?

The Final Four Bachelor Girls

Which of these four women will win the heart of Jake Pavelka?

"Vienna and Ali are two of Jake's favorites," Harrison said. "The funny thing is, those two are beating each other up so bad, Tenley is just skating through."

That would be Tenley Molzahn, who is in Jake's top four along with Ali, Vienna and Gia Allemand. Tenley may not be a Vienna fan, but she keeps it to herself.

Ali, Harrison adds, "has to forget Vienna and worry about herself. Enough with the bickering, cattiness. The quicker she realizes that, the better she will be."

A little foreshadowing, perhaps?

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