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The Bachelor Review: Week Five

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The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka narrowed his field of women from five to four last night, and a lot of the girls acted catty toward Vienna. Basically, same as the week before.

If you missed it and want the full rundown, here's our recap of Week Five.

But you didn't miss much. You might have been better off watching last night's Heroes ... okay, not really, that was worse, but you get the idea. Rough TV night from 9-10.

After the jump, we've got the highlights (term used loosely) with our take:

Jake The Bachelor

Jake is a stiff. Lighten up, man!

Tenley. She got first of three 1-on-1 dates on The Bachelor last night. She seems cute and nice. Much like Jake. We hope she wins. That's as good as last night's episode got.

Gia and Vienna. The girls all hate Vienna and we are starting to realize why. She acts like she is 12 and is super insecure/protective about Jake. On The Bachelor. Seriously.

Somehow, city girl Gia manages to impress Jake and not strangle Vienna to death at a vineyard, so she emerges as the second big winner of this episode along with Tenley.

Corrie. Most boring date in history. She's a virgin and Jake respects that. Neither one makes the first move for a kiss. They sit there in a rowboat, saying/doing very little.

Does every episode have to be two hours, guys?

Ali. This girl sucks. Sorry, but it's true. Vienna Girardi may be a painful individual, but a brat who does nothing but talk about Vienna all the time is even more unbecoming.

We get it. Jake likes Vienna too and this bothers you. This is a reality TV dating show, get a clue. Also, we know, you live in San Francisco. You're also not from there. Yech.

Roses: Gia, Tenley, Ali and Vienna. Eliminated: Corrie. Time wasted: Approximately 90 of the 120 minutes. This could have been condensed into the 8-8:30 time slot.

What did you think? Who will Jake pick among his final four ladies? Leave a comment below, then follow this link to check out our an even more in-depth Bachelor recap!


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I like Corrie. she is so trustworthy person. otherwise most women sleep with different guy even they married. Giving kisses and doing sex is not a life. you need someone you can trust when you goout. that quality corrie have. Good luck corrie.