Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Cast Preview: Randy Bailey

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In just a few days, Survivor fans will see their fantasy come true: 20 veteran cast members return to the competition that made them famous, as a group of Heroes takes on a tribe of Villains.

We can't wait for the premiere and will review each episode in depth.

Until then, we've been previewing each returning castaway. Last time, it was Parvati Shallow. Today, Randy Bailey.

Previously seen on: Survivor: Gabon
True love: His dog, Johnson, according to Randy himself.
Describes himself as: "Angry, blunt, mean and sarcastic, yet charming."
Memorable quote: "I have a new operation, and it's called, Operation: Let Everyone Else Crash and Burn."
Odds of winning: 80-1.

Randy Bailey

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