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Welcome to the latest edition of The Lost Round Table!

Each week, members of the TV Fanatic staff gather to discuss the latest episode of season six. You can read one man's take on "Lighthouse" right now, but come on. This is Lost.

There are far too many issues to delve into in a single review. We therefore encourage readers to respond to the topics analyzed in the Q&A below...

Was Rousseau claimed?
M.L. House: No. She was just stuck by herself in the jungle for 16 years. That would make anyone go a little batty.

LJ Gibbs: While Rousseau and Claire both share similarities - both lost their child, both were abandoned on the island, and both went a bit native and crazy while fending for themselves - Claire seems a bit more crazy than Rousseau and less aware of the island's nature. She seems manipulated, whereas Rousseau seemed in control of herself. So I believe Rousseau was not "claimed." Claire also comes from the Shephard lineage, which would make her more valuable to be claimed by DeathLocke, as Jack is valuable to Jacob.

Mr. Probst: Yes.  I think the show is trying to misdirect with it being such a negative connotation based on Claire's actions.  I think Claire is currently being duped by FLocke and that's why she's so violent and aggressive, not because she's been claimed.  Remember, this show is all about free will, we can't assume that being claimed is making Rousseau or Claire a different person.

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Kate was number-51 on Jacob's magic dial. What does this mean?
M.L. House: Ford was number-15. So the answer is obvious: Kate is the reversal of Sawyer.

LJ Gibbs: It means she's an alien, being kept in a secret government facility. Someone call Bill Pulman.

Mr. Probst: All it tells us is that the best candidates fit in the numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.  Kate is/was a candidate, along with all the other names on the lighthouse dial and in the cave, but since 51 does not fall in the numbers, ultimately she'll turn out to not be the right candidate.

Did Dogen recognize Jack in the flash sideways?
M.L. House: I thought so. Jack was walking out of the auditorium in a hurry and Dogen made a point to randomly strike up a conversation with him, one that focused on being a father. Fishy...

LJ Gibbs: Almost certainly. Dogen is a huge Party of Five fan.

Mr. Probst: There's little to suggest that Dogen is any different than the other castaways in terms of being impacted by the island and/or the flash sideways and thus it does not seem likely that he recognized him. Similarly, so far the flash sideways characters have only had moments of remembrance with people they met prior to the reset, not after.

Is someone actually coming to the island? If so, who?
M.L. House: No. I see little reason to believe Jacob at this point. He always has an agenda and he certainly didn't seem to care that Jack broke the magic dial/mirror.

LJ Gibbs: Would Lost introduce a new, important character to the plot this late in the show? Of course, Dogen and the new Others were introduced this season but who knows how important they will be in the grand scheme of things. This new person could be someone from Jacob and DeathLocke's past a la Richard, but my guess is that it's Aaron or Jack's sideways son.

Mr. Probst: My money is on Widmore.  He's got to get back in the fold somehow, there's just no way the show is ending without him.  Same for Penny and Desmond, they'll be back somehow.

Weekly Trust Check: Do you believe Jacob, Fake Locke, neither or both?
M.L. House: Fake Locke. Jacob claims everyone has a choice and seems to be a believer in free will... but is he, really? He manipulates every situation through lies and misleading information. At least Fake Locke doesn't hide his desires or play games with the castaways.

LJ Gibbs: I don't believe either of them, though I think DeathLocke's motives are clearer. He wants off the island and probably has to destroy those who might serve to keep him there. As Jacob showed again last night, he has no qualms manipulating others for his own purposes.

Mr. Probst: Again, I think show is trying to make it feel like Fake Locke is somehow more believable while still questioning him because he's portrayed as evil.  However, both characters have shown that they'll tell small lies in order to get someone to do something for them, so I think they're both lying, at least a little bit.

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