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How did fake locke ever become the smoke in the first place?

Why do the numbers curse hurley, we still don't know fully what they mean.


Where does Ilana fit into this? She gathered those ashes like there's a clear purpose for them. To ward off Fake Locke?

-Yup, same as when Fake Locke was sealed in the cabin...which means Jacob's ashes were used in the past as well. If so, maybe Jacob took over Sayid's body. Thus Sayid became the succesor or new vessel... Who knows?

Did anyone see the name "Linus" crossed out? Or might he not get a number because Jacob didn't bring him to the island?

- I think he doesn't have a number. None of the Dharma guys had one either (nor the guys from the black rock), just the oceanic crew who was recruited by Jacob.

Is the young kid in the jungle... Jacob?!? That's our working theory, as he had a clear message for MIB and even resembled the adult version of this character.

- Yup. I agree. I also think the Japanese man is Alvar Hanso
but these are random guessings.

I think the whole series is based on the concept of a godless civilization where people should be able to decide for themselves. With Fake Locke defeated the scales would be even again and men should be free...at least that's what I think. (and if Sayid is Jacob he has to be killed again...maybe =S)


"Now, a random jungle kid (and about that appearance: WTF?!?) shows up and tells Fake Locke he can't kill Sawyer."

When the 'jungle kid' told Locke/MIB 'he wasn't suppost to kill 'him'' I though the boy was speaking of Jacob...not Sawyer (but what do I know).

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