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Oh Richard is going to be trying to do this difficult surgery and Derek is going to be the hypocrite this time and he is going to say no.


I think it will be Webber pushing the boundaries, just like Mer and Der etc have done in the past. Der being the chief will be saying no. But how often has the chief been doing surgery lately?

From what I read elsewhere, next week will be the start of 3 episodes on the trot. Hope it just isn't Cris Hunt locking lips this episode


Aw man! Oh well, I'll find that episode online then. THANK YOU!! :)


why don't they just make the announcement that jesse williams is the newest member to the cast. i mean honestly, why have such a story line for him if he's just a reoccurring character? not that i don't mind, in fact i like him as a character on the show, better than the other 3 MW's.


Derek Vs. Richard, round 2. I bet this time, it's Richard the one that does the surgery. I still like Derek in a suit. :-)

I like Jackson, so I don't mind this being semi centered on him.


@Cat yess there is an episode on this thursday it is not the flashback episodee though:/ it is "i saw what i saw" the one when the mercy-wester gets fired from that burned patient dyingg


Does an episode of GA come on THIS Thursday? I realize its NOT new, just wondering if there is ANY episode on thi Thursday?!

Hoping its last weeks flashback episode . . . . :)

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