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OMG! Callie and Alex! I was like, "Oh, my gosh. They totally slept together." Heart in the elevator guy is NOT Alex Karev. I kept freaking out at the guys legs at the end of the last sneak preview. - shudders - Young Joe REALLY looks like Hurley. "Mandy" minnow has become "Bailey" the shark, the Nazi. ;)


I had no idea it would be Callie. I feel so lame for not knowing too! I loved Alex back in the days, everyone else hated him but from the get go him and Izzie were my favourite characters. I miss Izzie. But i also love how Alex has changed thanks to Izzie, i hope the both of them make it they have gone through way too much to not come out stronger and together.

Bailey is hilarious. This episode looks fantastic. A whole lot of fun to actually get to know the characters better.


Young Ellis looks more like Ellen Pompeo than Kate Burton. Just look at the way she spells 'seconds', 'show' and 'Thatcher'.:P


The actors for the flashbacks (with the exception of little Mer) are just off to me. I know they can do crazy things with makeup nowadays, I would've really preferred Kate Burton, James Pickens, and Jeff Perry even if they did look too old for the year. I legit thought Sarah Paulson was Lexie for a couple of seconds.


I have mixed feelings for this episode... It looks great though. Wrapping up a lot of stories (mere and her doll, richard not looking out for mere, the name mandy, mandy and joe, heart-in-elevator guy), things we've never seen, but that were all hinted at. Though I have a problem of what it is doing for the season as a whole. What will happen in this episode that will influence march episodes and may sweeps? I'm thinking some cliff-hangery ending where young Ellis finds out she's pregnant (much like how Cristina found out she was pregnant in season one), and that leads us to think that Jackson is Mere's brother (remember last week when Jackson said he was different from the rest of his family???)... And there is a spoiler that Jackson's grandfather is admited, then we'll learn more about Jackson's 'history'...


Ellis has iced blue eyes. This woman (Sarah Paulson) doesn’t look like her at all. And she doesn’t seams confident and arrogant as young Ellis’s supposed to be. Little Mer is adorable!

Mandy is so sweet! I can imagine how hard she had to work to become “the Nazi”.

I knew it was Callie with Alex!


Watching . . . little Meredith in the preview makes me feel sad, especially with what her character has been through. Wow I'm loving Missy Pyle as a doctor . . . wonder if she would ever make a return to torture Bailey, LOL!


Little Meredith is adorable.. and she bits her lip too!


OMG I KNEW it was Callie!!!!!!!!!!
She's the only one who makes sense to sleep with Alex... Not Bailey, cause that would be weird. Not Arizona cause... Duuh. And plus, Callie's kinda slutty. But I LOVE her the way she is.

And Bailey's so adorable....
I really hate Ellis.... Wow.


@smoker I knew Thatcher looked familiar, frodo's cousin, the hair. He definitely looks like a hobbit.

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