Five Grey's Anatomy Sneak Previews: "Time Warp"

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Blasts from the Seattle Grace past abound in these five sneak preview clips from tomorrow night's all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy, appropriately called "Time Warp."

We've seen the ABC promo and some quality photos from the episode, but the clips shown here provide the first glimpses into the characters' various flashbacks so far.

In the preview below, Bailey gets chastised by her superior way back in 2003. It's interesting (and telling) to see the tables turned on "Mandy" by her Nazi predecessor ...

[video url="" title="Time Warp Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

We've got four more clips for you after the jump, and they're all good. There's Bailey in 2010, introducing her flashback in a sense. Then there's her talking to Joe in '03.

Younger Joe is looking a bit like Hurley from Lost, we might add.

Then there's a tense scene with Meredith, Thatcher, Ellis and Richard way back in the '80s, and finally, Callie meeting Alex before the former was introduced to the show.

Are you excited about the flashbacks or do you think it's a waste? Whose story line are you most intrigued by? Take a look and leave a comment with your thoughts ...

[video url="" title="Time Warp Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Time Warp Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Time Warp Sneak Preview #4"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Time Warp Sneak Preview #5"] [/video]

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@coool Mark slept with Olivia really wow?


I almost forgot Mark also slept with syph nurse


Bailey picks on her ex interns for not paying attention! Just as well she didn't throw something at the chief's post it wife. There's no joy in Ellis when she sees her daughter or husband. Kinda felt like Thatch knows about the affair and used Mer as excuse to check up on his wife. Webber's awkard but doesn't have a guilty conscience until he's witnessed Mer being overlooked. Obnoxious intern Alex rides again, claiming credit for George's surgery in the elevator. Callie must work it out quickly he's claimed someone elses save. Callie hasn't met George yet. but if she did go to the oncall room with Alex, yipes! Alex and George have another sleeping partner in common(Syph nurse, Callie). But that applies to Alex and Mark too(Lex, Callie, Addison)


I've just read that KH isn't back at GA filming til the end of Feb. Wow! Iz is going to only appear towards the end of the season! I really wonder if KH will be back for S7. But I've cheeered up cos a MWer is on their way out. I just can't see it being Avery, they've had him appear so much in nearly all the episodes.


I am just worried that these back stories are going to be confusing. We're going to have to know when they took place to set them in their previous storylines that we know. There are so many characters that were around that we're not going to see cos the actors have left. The Cris storyline can't have the ex cardio gods Burke and Hahn appearing in person. We will just see Mer,Cris and Alex's moments from the original MAGIC group. Der has his moment at SGH too? His career was well established before he arrived at SGH. But the first preview quickly establishes Bailey 3 days into her internship. I think Chief Webber will get involved too. I would still love to know how old Bailey is though. If she's have gone straight to med school from college she'd be about 25ish, and already married for several years.


I don't miss Izzie either. But Callie and Alex? Seriously? Doi!


The show has been a hell alot better without K-Heigl and her drama. Her being gone has gave the other actors room to show what acting is and they are great. Arizona Callie Miranda Yang and Mer are all awsome. It seems everytime KH is on the show. She has to be the main focus and it screws up the flow of the episode. So nope I don't miss her or George.


I have to be honest, I kind of forgot over the last couple episodes that Izzie's still "on the show". I haven't missed her at all. If Katherine Heigl were to announce that she was leaving the show for good (finally!) I wouldn't be disappointed.
Thatcher looks like Art Garfunkel. Tee hee.


Seriously, please stop it with the Izzie thing, I liked her but she is not needed anymore. Greys have been great doesn't need it to succeed. The story-lines are flowing without her. Little Mer looks just like her. Mom not at all and Richard well, the photo they posted here there was so resemblance but in the episode I just did not see it. Tatcher, way too funny, no wonder Ellis had to "go" to Richard... BTW-she did not deserve to have a child! She does not even know how to be a mom! Too mean to Mer. Bailey, too funny. I can see why she is The Nazy now. Also I think Joe looked great! Callie, I guess I missed something 'cause I was not aware there as going to show Alex "old" flame...


To Thatcher, dude, it's called HAIR PRODUCTS for a reason. Seriously. That little girl is exactly like Mer. Poor Mer. These are the most intriguing flashbacks to me. I love Mandy. :) Alex and Callie. No news there.

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