Brothers & Sisters Review: "The Pasadena Primary"

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Last night's Brothers & Sisters wasn't among the show's best, but did contain some quality moments while setting the stage for bigger developments in coming weeks.

For better or worse, it was a departure from some of the heavier stories of recent episodes. This week was generally lighter, focusing on humor and family dynamics.

Follow this link for a full recap of the events of "The Pasadena Primary," then see if you agree with TV Fanatic's take on the episode after reading our review below ...

TELL, DON'T ASK: Kitty is running for Robert's open U.S. Senate seat. She hasn't yet told the family, though, and despite his advice, she allows them to "vote" on it.

Everyone votes yes, she should run. Except one. Who was the lone "no" vote? Robert and Kitty assume it's Nora, the devout liberal and somewhat overbearing mom.

She doesn't exactly deny it.

Sous Chefs

Robert and Nora spar over spices and politics at Scott's restaurant.

Meanwhile, Scotty is frightened that his restaurant may close, due to the recession, so he plans fundraising event with Nora and the mayor helping out as guest chefs.

When the mayor cancels, Robert volunteers. Because he likes Scotty, sure, but mostly because he's obsessed with getting Nora to change her vote on Kitty running.

Naturally, they bicker over politics and lamb preparation.

It turns out she wasn't even the "no" vote, though. Kevin was. He wants to get out of politics and does not want to be her campaign manager ... even if he still will.

This came out at his high school reunion, which Kitty ended up convincing him to go, promising she'll be his date. Kevin accurately predicted he would regret this.

Kevin runs into an old friend (Roy from The Office), who he had a crush on. They reminisce about how they rigged the high school election so Kitty would lose it.

Later, the guy falls off the wagon and blabs about the election to Kitty, who chastises him for making a gay slur about Kevin and being a low-class jackass overall.

Also during this exchange, Kevin presumptively announced that he is going to be a father. Predictably, Michelle's implantation didn't take and they're at square one.

REALITY VS. FANTASY: Sarah and Roy decide to stop going slow and have sex in a motel. Seedy and hot. She gives him a solid 7.5. Then Luc texts her. XO.

Sarah decides not to give up on the reality of Roy for the fantasy of Gilles Marini's Luc... at least for now. Clearly, this is a plot line we haven't seen the last of.

WORK-LIFE BALANCE: Holly can't seem to find it. She wants to sell her stake in Ojai, but she's sure they're worth more than what Dennis York has offered her.

As a result, she's trying to stall while she figures out what to do and David is upset. He tells her that she's really hung up on William Walker, not just Ojai Foods.

Rebecca catches David packing for Belize. Holly isn't willing to chase after him. But all that changes when she meets up with Dennis and he makes a pass at her.

When she gets back home, she's in tears. We don't know what happened with Dennis, but David has had a change of heart. He proposes to her and she says yes.


  • The high school reunion and Sarah-Roy stories felt a bit cliched, but were still enjoyable. Ditto for Robert and Nora, even if some scenes felt like filler.
  • You have to love Ken Olin (David) proposing to his real-life wife Patricia Wettig (Holly) on TV. No sign of their real daughter Roxy (Michelle) this week.
  • What do you think? Did Holly sleep with Dennis as part of his "deal"?

The Pasadena Primary Review

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