The Ghost Whisperer Review: "Dead Air"

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Misinterpretations and assumptions happen every day to the best of us. This week, in "Dead Air" we see what could happen if we let our wild imaginations run away from our sanity.

We LOVE Jennifer Love and especially her character Melinda (and her oh soooo nonchalant way of telling people she speaks to the dead), and that is probably why we were so bummed that there wasn't more "family time" involved in this weeks episode.

Oh there was, of course, a brief moment of Aiden's creepiness that most definitely creeped us out for a minute or two, but other than that, the kid barely made any head way. Also McDreamy - errr- we mean McSteamy - oh wait! Dr. Clancy had maybe three lines in the entire episode. What gives?

We want to know more about the shadows! About the shinings! Patience is definitely one virtue we have a hard time with...

Pic of Melinda

Back to the storyline, The Ghost Whispererdid a great job putting a spin on the everyday man cheats on wife - wife cheats on husband theme. It did an excellent job at grabbing our attention on how well we all miscommunicate these days (we blame it on texting).

So our lesson we learned for this week? Stop jumping to conclusions! Have faith in yourself and what's to come.

(BTW - That was our Ghandi/Yoda moment) You're welcome.

More importantly, how great was it to see Dwayne Cleophus Wayne?! We thought he disappeared to A Different World or something! He's not looking too shabby either! Boy's still got it!

Okay, okay before we start to drool - here are a few of The Ghost Whisperer quotes we leave you with:

Bruce: (to Melinda about the light) Can you see it?
Melinda: No.
Bruce: But, you know it is there and that's enough. | permalink

Melinda: If you can believe in happiness the way you believe in bad things you will find it. | permalink

Melinda: Great Minds...! | permalink

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