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- Tantilimeest -
Hahahahahahahaha. LMAO. Thats soooo funny!!


@N&S [for now] Thanks :)


Chuck: Blair I want this hooker, there is no way you are getting her!
Blair: That's not fair! You can't only have a gay kiss, i want one too! At least I will do a better job! Ha!
Chuck: Point noted, that guy was pathetic. Fine you can have her, but I want in, too! We will show dan, vanessa and olivia how threesomes are done!


Blair: Chuck... I am your girlfriend. I am a lady. YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP. I am going to win in the end, in any way.

Chuck: The moment I will give up is the moment I will be holding the item. Tha would be in... 6,7 minutes, counting from now.


Auctioneer: "The next item is a video tape, provided by Miss Georgina Sparks. It's called 'Blair & Chuck in the limo'. We start bidding at 5000$"


Chuck: Blair Why are you bidding for a night with Jack Bass!?!?


Haha, I love Sophie Bass's.

"Auctioneer: And the next item is ... Jenny Humphrey's virginity, we start the bidding at 50¢ ..."


Eek, I won. :D



@GGlover and Samantha
--Yours are the best!


Auctioneer: One lucky person will walk away with a storyline. Shall we open the bidding?
Blair: Blair Blair Blair Blair Blair!
Auctioneer: ...Ha ha! It's me! Sorry folks. Honestly, who sets a young teen drama at an auction house? Season three is uber fail.

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