Gossip Girl Caption Contest 88

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fanatics, to the 88th Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner is samantha. Congratulations! The winning entry is below.

Honorable mentions go to AL in Germany, Tantilimeest and honeygirl.

Thanks to all for playing and good luck in next week's Caption Contest!

Soethby's Auction

Man: Do I hear 200,000 to get Chuck and Blair back together, $200,000? Yes, that's $200,000 from #793! Going once, going twice...
Jack: $1 million to break them apart!
Man: Sold!

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- Tantilimeest -
Hahahahahahahaha. LMAO. Thats soooo funny!!


@N&S [for now] Thanks :)


Chuck: Blair I want this hooker, there is no way you are getting her!
Blair: That's not fair! You can't only have a gay kiss, i want one too! At least I will do a better job! Ha!
Chuck: Point noted, that guy was pathetic. Fine you can have her, but I want in, too! We will show dan, vanessa and olivia how threesomes are done!


Blair: Chuck... I am your girlfriend. I am a lady. YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP. I am going to win in the end, in any way. Chuck: The moment I will give up is the moment I will be holding the item. Tha would be in... 6,7 minutes, counting from now.


Auctioneer: "The next item is a video tape, provided by Miss Georgina Sparks. It's called 'Blair & Chuck in the limo'. We start bidding at 5000$"


Chuck: Blair Why are you bidding for a night with Jack Bass!?!?


Haha, I love Sophie Bass's. "Auctioneer: And the next item is ... Jenny Humphrey's virginity, we start the bidding at 50¢ ..."


Eek, I won. :D Thanks!!


@GGlover and Samantha
--Yours are the best!


Auctioneer: One lucky person will walk away with a storyline. Shall we open the bidding?
Blair: Blair Blair Blair Blair Blair!
Auctioneer: ...Ha ha! It's me! Sorry folks. Honestly, who sets a young teen drama at an auction house? Season three is uber fail.

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