Gossip Girl Caption Contest 88

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fanatics, to the 88th Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner is samantha. Congratulations! The winning entry is below.

Honorable mentions go to AL in Germany, Tantilimeest and honeygirl.

Thanks to all for playing and good luck in next week's Caption Contest!

Soethby's Auction

Man: Do I hear 200,000 to get Chuck and Blair back together, $200,000? Yes, that's $200,000 from #793! Going once, going twice...
Jack: $1 million to break them apart!
Man: Sold!

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Blair: Chuck, what exactly are we bidding for?
Chuck: I like to dance naked in front of my pets.
Blair: ooh, ok. That might work.


Chuck: Blair, come on, do you really need ANOTHER pair of sunglasses from Breakfast at Tiffany's?
Blair: I'M AUDREY!


B: Chuck..we have to - OMG :|..*whispers* you got a boner?!
C: *whispers back* Im trying hard to control it but the auctioneer is too - *blair cuts him off*
B: for the 793 time, you are so gay! ps: there are quite a few gd ones :)


Auctioneer: Next item: Blair Waldorf's headband, Starting on 20,000.
Blair: Mmmmm... this is so mine *puts hand on Chuck's groin* oops!!
Chuck: Focus, focus, damn it...Blair stop feeling me up....


Chuck: Blair, I can't help it, that man is turning me on
Blair: No way! I have way better eyebrow's than him!


Auctioneer:Next item:Blair Waldorf's sex tape.Starting on 10,000.
Blair:We gotta get that one Chuck!I mean it!
Chuck:I know!
Auctioneer:Oh,saw 20,000 on 793!
Jack:Half million!
Blair: I CAN'T believe this,Chuck!It's irreparable!
Ed(throws the script):Irreparable?Josh,Really?


Blair: Chuck, this is how many viewers we will have by the end of the season. 793.


Blair: Get rid of that tan or I'll whack you


dont you dare
Blair: watch me!


aww thanks U KNO U LUV ME

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