Damages Review: "Season 3 Premiere"

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Damages returned to FX this week, as confusing, suspenseful and absorbing as ever.

After two seasons of dealing with one shady client, Patty now has her sights set on an entire family, which just means there are more mysteries to unravel and more shady characters to question. Perhaps it's the Arrested Development fan in me, but I love this. I'm a sucker for interesting family units, despite the subtle differences between the Tobins and the Bluths.

Read a detailed recap of the intricate season three premiere now.

In just one hour, it carved out a fascinating new case that goes far beyond Lou Tobin as the show's fictional Bernie Madoff. His wife, played brilliantly by Lily Tomlin, seems to possess more secrets than her husband, doesn't she?

Son Joseph appears to be on the level, but can you ever really tell on Damages? We can only hope to learn more about wife Rachel, too, as we've been major fans of Reiko Aylesworth since her days as Michelle on 24.

Marilyn Tobin
Patty Photo

Then there's Keith Carradine as the mysterious Julian; and Martin Short in a serious role that proves this actor can do more than crack jokes. It's a truly stellar cast.

What about the players we've gotten to know over the last two years? Ellen is still there, more confident than ever. The scene between her and Patty in the bathroom was intriguing and intense.

Ellen clearly thinks she's above Patty's games and can see right through her old boss, but it was impossible to miss Patty's smirk when Ellen walked away. As usual, we're left to wonder what she's up to.

That might get old on some shows, but that's never the case in the hands of Glenn Close. We've seen her portray Patty as vindictive, vulnerable, manipulative, sympathetic. Is she still playing Ellen? Or is she proud that her former protege has grown a spine?

That brings us to Tom. Poor, deceased Tom. What is there to even say at this point? This storyline will clearly take numerous twists and turns over the next few weeks. Any guesses on who's behind his murder? It seems like too drastic and too evil of a step for Patty... even though she is Patty.

Which new character are you most intrigued by? Do you think Ellen will end up back at Patty's firm? And do you miss Frobisher? Chime in now with your take on the return od Damages and any lingering questions from the premiere...


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