Adam Lambert to Guest Star on Glee?!?!?!?

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Considering the source, we must take this rumor with a grain of salt the size of Adam Lambert's range.

But The National Enquirer reports the American Idol runner-up has agreed to guest star on Glee.

While the news seems too good to be true, the rumored role for Lambert seems too ideal for him to pass up: sources say he'd play an older mentor that helps Kurt officially come out of the closet.

We won't be holding our breath for this to actually take place, but Glee doesn't return until April 13. We need all the excitement, likely manufactured or not, that we can get!

Lambert, Adam

Adam Lambert: A great Glee guest star choice? Or the greatest Glee guest star choice?

In confirmed casting news, Idina Menzel will appear on every remaining episode until the end of season one.

** UPDATE: No major surprise here. Lambert Tweeted the following last night:

Glee guest star rumor: it's a rumor. Sorry guys.

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