TV Fanatic Mid-Season Report Card: 90210

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With every primetime series on hiatus until 2010, it's time to take a look back.

When will your favorite show return? Consult with the TV Fanatic television calendar now.

Until then, our staff will gather and report on the status of various sitcoms and dramas. Up now: 90210.

Best Character: Adrianna and Naomi (tie). We couldn't choose just one. As we lauded in our previous Round Table, the show could easily have sent Adrianna down another drug-induced spiral. But it avoided that cliche and has created a mature, realistic character that truly depicts the struggles and pressures of a young addict.

Naomi, meanwhile, is simply hilarious. AnnaLynne McCord was given the opportunity to give this character more than one, bitchy dimension and she's run with it brilliantly.

Jasper and Annie

Worst Character: Teddy. He looks 37, let's start with that. But he also comes across as a complete jackass. Granted, he showed a sensitive side when Silver's mom got sick. But it takes more than just hitting a few tennis balls on a roof for us to believe Silver would actually go for him, as 90210 spoilers have revealed she will.

We can't think of any way Teddy has been a good friend to anyone else on the show and, unlike Naomi, his jerky comments don't come across as humorous, just as... jerk-like.

Best Storyline: Jackie's cancer and subsequent death. Jessica Stroup was outstanding throughout this plot development, while it managed to combine the sentiment of the old show with the remade version. It also kick-started a relationship between Silver and Teddy, as mentioned above, while helped to provide a catalyst for Adrianna's eventual recovery and Silver and Dixon's reconciliation.

A solid storyline brings numerous characters together and creates building blocks for future developments. This qualified in every way possible.

Grade so far: B Plus.

Hopes for 2010: More Ivy, she's growing on us (pun... intended!); A new, less crazy love interest for Dixon; Dire consequences for Annie as a result of her hit-and-run; More shots of Liam shirtless; Adrianna and Navid back together.

What about you, readers? What grade would you give the show so far this season?

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guys navid gonna date with the lila girl you remember?
I'm for the dixon/ivy stuff I could really enjoy them together even if I stay a Sixon fan!
Dixon need to grow up in another stable RL to learn what was wrong with Silver and after he could back with his true love aka erin silver!!
but I really want Ivy stay on the show she's really unique!
Silver was at first but seriously now not anymore com'on she go to the dance I thought she hating dance WTH?


Naomi is hilarious but the last thing that feels like a friendship on this show is Silver/Adrianna/Naomi, I'll give you Adrianna/Naomi, the three together have one of the most boring dynamics on the show. The surf team is more fun to watch than them, Liam/Dixon/Navid/Ivy started hanging out this season and have a more fun dynamic then the 3 girls. Annie actually is enjoyable this season & really she's what's missing out of those 3 girls b/c it's just not even balanced, none of them come off as girl next door, or innocent, infact they are near whining/bland this season, and I thought I would love them together but I just don't, Annie would actually give that friendship life ala the sleep over party, that was a fun epi. for the girls friendship, I haven't felt that at all this season. As for the guys Teddy is the one guy that gets on my nerves, I understand what they are doing w/ Dixon it's to give Silver a path to other RLs through his lies, and really he lied to keep her from Teddy, that deserves a medal in my book. The only time I got annoyed w/ Dixon was when he turned his back on his sister, other than that he's been a wreckless teenager this season, doing things, then thinking later. Oh as for Ivy & Dixon YES PLEASE! I flove her, she fits in and has a California way about her. Naomi/Liam are ok but they aren't what makes me watch.


Naomi is the BESt by far...she is hilarious...her comments are alwaysssssssss on point ..Ade love her, as well as Silver. I realli love the Naomi, Silver, Ade friendship, so genuine and feels like a real friendship...Not forced (ughhh leave Annie as a loner please, better yet lock her up PLEASE)
Love all the guys (though Dixon can get on my nerves at times) far love this season...BTW Naomi and LIAM make this show worth watching!!!!!!


LOL Keep Ethan away, it's been way better w/o him, dude couldn't even act plus just a boring dude to watch. BTW Silver use to be orginal, not anymore. There is nothing unique w/ that girl anymore, she use to be some type of against the rules person which came off hot, but now hell look at the dance, wasn't she not into dances or proms yet she didn't even have one conflict about going to the dance floor or dressing up. Right now it's Adrianna, Annie, Liam and Ivy who has people's attention and little bit Dixon b/c he's doing shady stuff, it's nice to see he isn't perfect. The surfer girl Ivy is growing on me, I really like her, they need to focus some more on her, there might be something there, maybe a backstory w/ her mom or something. As for Teddy just shut up and let Silver lead the RL and it should be welly recieved. Other than that, not bad.




best character: Silver, due to its uniqueness in the first season and was impressive when she became a bipolar girl in the episode "off the rails". and mature attitude when she wants to return her mother who was ill and persuaded to kelly to forgive their mother's mistakes.
worst character: jen, very evil against her own sister, and did not have a good side and very smart to lie to everyone, and make a friendship between annie and naomi off because the idea of evil jen
Best storyline: when Dixon persuaded silver in the episode "off the rails". a very beautiful scene. they are both very compatible couple.
grade so far: A ++
hopes for 2010: Silver again find her true love. between teddy, Dixon and I hope there are new players to be paired silver. and re-create the film to prove that she is a reliable filmmaker. ade back with Navid and not become a lesbian, naomi and Liam to be good lovers. and annie be returned with silver, naomi and ade


my guess is that .. silver will be with teddy and liam and naomi obviously together , together!!! that leaves ivy and dixon alone,,,, i guess they will start to hooking up coz everybody is busy dating everybody,,,, navid in other hands r single too my guess is that he will be with annie?? err not sure but i do hope that ivy stays for good :)


Well can the show atleast report it! keep me informed! I mean WTF? I might actually want to know about this, it's like oh and by the ways Ivy & Dixon are gonna get together but you won't notice the rebel surfer and the immature black kid kissing in the hallway. 90210 TV Fanatic can you keep us posted? How the hell does this even happen? does that make her a regular? I hope it does! it's a major relationship she's coming between here. Geez now IDK who to root for Ivy or Silver? Thanks for the heads up @guess me


@sarah- yup thye will hook up... try to search it in google ,,, am not sure if ill buy that but wut the hell ryt.....!!!! hahahaha "i even saw them together looking sweet... so i think they will really hook up!"


I will always be a fan of Silver & Dixon, I mean no one can watch Lucky Strike and not be, I think in time they'll be the OTP of the show, in time but not now. Teddy I think the reviewer put it perfect I don't believe he's sincere and he comes off as a jerk to me, plus he looks like parent but hey whatever. Ivy at first I didn't know what to think of her, but now I love her, more of her PLEASE! she just fits in and hopefully becomes a regular, what's this about her and Dixon? I didn't hear that. Where is this coming from? someone please 411 I'm lost here.

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.