The Vampire Diaries or The Twilight Saga: The Debate Continues

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A new video has posed an old question:

Are you on Team Vampire Diaries or Team Twilight Saga?

The clip below analyzes an article from earlier this month in The New York Post. Written by Ari Karpel, it states that The Vampire Diaries is a much better example of vampire lore for a few reasons:

  • There's blood.
  • There's gore.
  • There's sex.
  • There's a fully developed heroine with an actual personality.

Sorry, Bella lovers. But it's hard to argue with the final point, isn't it?

Check out the video now and let the debate rage on...

[video url="" title="Vampire Diaries vs. Twilight Saga"] [/video]

Of course, we know what many vampire fans would say: forget these two examples entirely. Give me True Blood or give me death!

Where do you stand?

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I have to respond to this comment from Sendusia: "And True Blood, is for anyone mature enough to watch it. Get over it, sex and blood, all of that, is a part of life. Maybe not to that extent, but that is not what is being compared." Do you really think that a 10 or 13 year old should really be watch some of the stuff that happens on TB? I'm sorry, as a mother myself, I really think that they shouldn't be. It's too vivid for that age and I know that sex, etc. is a matter of life, but Twilight and VD are better for that age group. My opinion.....sorry I don't agree that TB is for all - maybe thats why it is on HBO and even has a warning before the show starts about the contents of the show??


The Vampire Diaries and True Blood are better than Twilight. Damon and Eric are so hot!!! Edward is boring - I'm not a fan of some sparkles and fangless vampires.
And I do agree with Cam - Joss Whedon's shows are the best vampire's shows ever – Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the spin-off Angel. Spike and Angel are my favorite vampires! I hope Joss Whedon will make and SPIKE Spin-off show – I miss Spike... Spike (William The Bloody) is the best, the sexiest and the funniest vampire ever, no one of these new vampires can compare to him!


I have to step up anytime someone uses the line 'and vampires do not sparkle' 1. How do YOU know what a vampire does? 2. Sparkling? Perfectly explainable. Many vampire stories tell tales of diamond hard skin, claws, nails and teeth. I'm sure you know what a diamond is. Surely you aren't THAT thick. Do you know why it sparkles? Because it is so tightly packed together, so impenetrable, that light has a hard time getting through it. It reflects off the compacted surface, and as crystals are multifaceted, they appear to 'sparkle' as they move through the light. Likewise with metal. It is so dense, and so flat, that light simply bounces off it. So, who are you to say a vampire doesn't sparkle in the sun? All you probably know of is the Romanian vampire. I don't know what sources you read, unless you pulled it all out of your tiny brain, but you have the worst interpretation of vampires in the world. It would appear she's more researched in her vampires, geology, chemistry and physics than than you are! And as far as cheesy lines... read the VD books. It's the same way sweetie.


I love the twilight books, and the movies are pretty good... but in the books i like edward cullen but in the movies i am so team jacob.
The vampire diaries is pretty good too because there are some intence senes and there is some pretty bad ass vampires, not like in twilight were it is a little cheezie and looks fake.
But i think we can all agree wether it is the vampire diaries or twilight that both of them have smoken hot guys with rocken bodies!!


I love the vampire diaries way more than twilight and i actaully just started watching true blood and i am obessed i love it.but the vampire diaries totally beats twilight


Omg! I can't decide between vampire diaries and twilight! Elena is a bit awesomer than bella, but they're both truly awesome! Although Jacob is hotter than rob! AND STEFAN IS HOTTER THAN JACOB! Although, Damon is cute too! No doubt about it!


Twilight -> estacy The Vampire Diaries -> estacy + viagra True Blood -> estacy + viagra + meths + canabis + coke (oww! motherfucking HIGH!)


VD is a more concise version of the vampire stories . Its good at times when u really wanna save time .Twilight on other hand is more elaborate and descriptive which gives us a more detailed story abt the vampires and the werevolves . Both the books have attained great standards at their level . Twilight : a rather structured version of the love stories ; VD : a concise version of the love stories .


OK i never seen true blood cuz all my friends say it is stuped. Sorry T.B fans. Twlight is ok to much romance but I like the book it's better then the movies. And I'm reading and watching the Vampire Diaries. So If i had to pick it would be The Vampire Diaries just becouse it has alot of action, blood, and all the stuf vampire fans love. I have to say the Elana is so much Hoter then bela sorry but it is ture


Pretty much, when both Vampire Diaries and Twilight are compared to True Blood, they both lack in everything possible. Don't get me wrong, I love all three, but come on. True Blood has better writers, more interesting storyline, actors who can actually well ACT, excellent direction and it shows the dark side of vampires. Not everything is happy and peachy and it shows the raw side of vampires. But between Vampire Diaries and Twilight, VD clearly wins. It's more dark and the writing is less cheesy. Love Twilight, but sometimes, I gag when they say those cheesy lines. Both VD and Twilight are terrible when compared to real vampire stories such as the Anne Rice series and Bram Stoker's Dracula. True Blood is definitely on par with those. And True Blood, is for anyone mature enough to watch it. Get over it, sex and blood, all of that, is a part of life. Maybe not to that extent, but that is not what is being compared. The quality of the shows are being compared not whose able to watch it. And seriously, vampires do not sparkle in the sun.


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You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger... I want you to get everything you're looking for. But for right now, I want you to forget that this happened. Can't have people knowing I'm in town yet. Goodnight, Elena.


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