How Would You Fix Heroes?

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Following the episode that bid a final farewell to Nathan Petrelli, Heroes is on hiatus until 2010.

While creator Tim Kring talks a good game about a fifth season pick-up, the ratings speak for themselves: Heroes averages under six million live viewers per week. It's the lowest-rated network drama on television.

We'd like to see it return for a new volume, but only if it makes certain changes.


As readers discuss the show in our Heroes forum, here are the steps we'd take to fix the series and, hopefully, ensure a long run for it...

  • Turn Claire evil. Really evil, truly evil, not like Nathan-in-season-three evil. Claire is young, she's been searching for acceptance her entire life and it would make sense for her to think she's found it at the carnival. Eliminate her constant, boring second-guessing of what she wants and turn Claire Bear loose against her former friends.
  • Kill off Mohinder.
  • Kill off Tracy.
  • No more time-traveling. Ever.
  • Unite Hiro, Parkman, Peter and a returning Elle (we can dream can't we?) against Claire and her villainous carnival. Bam! There's your fifth season. No more hiding, no more whining about acceptance in society. Let these heroes actually use their abilities, pit a good faction against a bad faction - each led by HRG and Samuel, respectively - and turn the show into the action-packed adventure it always should have been.

Agree? Disagree? We have a lot of time to debate possible changes to the show prior to a new episode airing. Send in your suggestions today!

Also, relive the first half of the season by clicking on various images below:

A Cutter
Trio of Heroes
Charlie and Hiro Kiss
Time to Be Hazed
Life for HRG
Hospitalized Hiro
Samuel and Sylar
Tracy Picture
Matt and Baby Matt
Samuel Meets Hiro
Peter in a Fight

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If this season ends up being the last one, the whole show will have been a complete waste of time... 1) Remember that African dude who said Parkman was a prophet?!? what happened with that. 2) Peter's scar/ bad ass future peter will never be created. 3) Sylar has to die... He's great and all, but if they leave him alive, the entire point of the first season is gone. 4) Bad ass Ninja Hiro will never exist... (I'd honestly prefer him over the boring lovestruck Hiro that has been around since the end of season 1) 5) Why was Sylar's son named Noah?!?! Coincidence??? I think not. It's not like HEROES exists in the real world anyway, so just jump it ahead to the HEROES from "Five Years Gone" and let everyone enjoy some brawling and general badassery.


IMO this season is great and Heroes doesn't need a "fix". It could however certainly use improvements 1) Fade-out Claire. Not necessarily kill her, but lower her importance. The most annoying thing for this character is not her whinyness, it's the fact that we get Claire fed-spoon every single episode. Turning her evil wouldn't even make any sense unless she got totally brainwashed. 2) Concretize Nathan's last words. Allow Peter to become THE world savior he -and most fans- want him to be. Several viewers identify to him, and it sucks when "your" hero keeps failing. He's long due for his glory moment, and more importantly his revenge against Sylar (Sylar doesn't necessarily needs to die, but a power reset wouldn't hurt). Now what I'd like to see in Season 5: Bring Samson as S5's main villain. Like, give a reason for Samuel to want him in his carnival and exploit Claire's blood to heal him. Samson then obviously turns against Samuel and begins to eats carnies. Samson would share his vision of what he meant when he said "I would've been so much more" with Sylar. The main plot would be to deal with not one, but two psychos hunting down specials to become gods. Turn Hiro into the virtuous ninja already. Time-traveling is fine as long as it's limited somehow and they cover every bases to not cause butterfly effects (OUaTiT did a fantastic job at this). Bring back the Rebel storyline. It's like Micah and his crew vanished after rescuing Monica who was having scientists doing experiments on her. Exploit that somehow (perhaps turn her into an enhanced special) Bring Alice back for one episode and only to KILL her so we don't have to put up with the fear that they'll eventually give importance to that horrible character.


After 4 series it'd be cool to have them just accept they cannot retain their normal lives and get on with facing the consequences of having powers. They need to be exposed to the world and we see how the world deals with them (I don't like the show, but kind of the way True Blood did with vampires). Claire needs to either become bad ass or grow up. She can't fit in and she can't stand out, deal with it and move on. If she wasn't such a little attention seeker then there would be no issue. She was so interesting in season 1, her murder and revenge on the quarterback etc. and it was really interesting to see such a strong young female on tv, she's now been reduced to some dippy airhead attention seeking numpty. Whinging constantly how she doesn't fit in and then when HRG wipes her slate clean and she starts a new life she decides she wants to be able to show everyone how different she is. MAKE YOUR MIND UP ALREADY, IT'S GOT BORING AGES AGO!
Hiro needs to return to the maturity he had at the end of volume 2. Whether you liked it or not (and I'm one of the few who did) up until the writers' strike his character was progressing nicely, he was maturing and accepting consequences of his actions. Then suddenly in volume 3 they realise the rest of the characters are having dark storylines so thye need some comic relief and instead of letting his character grow but still retain that humour they reduce him to more immature than volume 1!
As much as I enjoy watching Sendhil (he is a fine specimen of a man) Mohinder needs to leave, be it kill him off or just get rid. His character is so far removed from what he was you might as well have someone else try to research his father's work.
I'm hoping Peter will progress in the future episodes, I'm livid he was so stupid as to attempt to get 'Nathan' back (how was that even remotely possible after he died?!! If he wanted him back he should have looked up Claire and Mohinder and made some lovely life giving blood concoction not got rid of poor Jeremy's power, what a waste of time that all was, and completely forgotten about poor Hiro). I hope he redeems himself, he certainly needs it after squandering Jeremy's power after the poor kid died perhaps to help him get it (who knows what would have happened if HRG and Peter hadn't got involved, maybe Jeremy would have skipped town as HRG should have encouraged him to do anyway!).
This show has so much potential and I will always blame the writers' strike for it going down the pan. It was wonderful til they abandoned their original intentions.


kill off traci bring back nikki sounds great!
but i dont want to see mohinder go =(
i also think that it would be awesome for Claire to become a total badass and stop acting like a lesbian. and peter needs his full powers back because i agree its getting boring with out them. also whats up with the deaf chick?!


Sylar picks up Baby Parkman. Baby Parkman throws up on him. Sylar tries to kill him and realizes he has no more powers. And he gets hit by a bus or something. ...Peter picks up Baby Parkman...gets his powers back and such. Basically they need to have some ironic storyline with Matt's kid I love this idea! have the season end this way after all the Samuel fallout and start season 5 with an all powerful Peter!!!


Just cancel the show and watch the final season of lost. Problem fixed.


- SAMURAI HIRO - where is he? If MY powrs weren't working and I already knew I would become a BAMF Samurai, guess I'd start working on my swordplay.
- Samuel vs Sylar - to the death, then Peter comes looking for revenge on Sylar. TO THE DEATH. Sylar then realizes his father was right and he needs to find a purpose in life besides killing. He then becomes the new Magneto/Malcolm X of the Heroes-verse.
- H-bomb finally professes his undying love for Sandra. They run off together.
- Larry finally snaps and kills his father for abandoning him and favoring Claire-Bear all these years.
- Mohinder gets deported as a "terrorist" over his "fathuh's resuhch."
- Matt wakes up, finding he dozed off in front of the TV during a SyFy Movie Marathon, a half-eaten gefelte fish burrito, anchovie calzone and empty vodka bottle by his side. He swears, "Never Again!" before turning the TV off, everything fades to black.


1) Samuel should become #1 baddie
2) Kill Sylar already
3) Have Peter use his ability to absorb Sylars Touch empathy and Collect powers
4) dont make Claire bad...She tried that in Season 3..FKN SUCKED!
6) Team Mohinder up with Peter, dont kill Mohinder...his powers could come in handy
7) Tracy should join the Carnys, look half naked again, and become truely Evil
8) Bring back Michah(rebel)
9) WTF..where is Hiros Sword
10)Hiro and Claire team up to take down Samuel from the Inside
11)Ando should come back in the picture
12)Matt needs to help out some way?
13)Samuel should send out all his Baddies...that Multiple Man was the Shit
14) Unleash Doyle (puppetmaster) and make him do something.
16) Have more of LAUREN and HRG...take down Samuel
17) Bring back Edgar
thats ones that I just had on top of my head....there are more coming.


Sylar picks up Baby Parkman. Baby Parkman throws up on him. Sylar tries to kill him and realizes he has no more powers. And he gets hit by a bus or something. ...Peter picks up Baby Parkman...gets his powers back and such. Basically they need to have some ironic storyline with Matt's kid.


Alright, if we want to fix heroes the show needs one main thing. Action. I'm tired of the characters talking about their hardships and how difficult their lives are. Let's be honest here people, if we lived in a world like they do, after awhile, the freaks would revolt. And frankly we need more of this. If anyone has taken a basic english class we all know each character needs these things
1. Character Vs. Character (this mean human or freaks)
2. Character Vs. Self
3. Character Vs. Society
4. Character Vs. Omnicient presence. With these things in mind, you can adapt them to each character or multiple characters at the same time. How about having just an all out war? The U.S. Vs. the freaks? Make us want to watch Claire get riddled with bullets as she throws grenades into the belly of a tank. show us Sylar throw entire squadrons of F-24's (or whatever) out of the sky while he electrocutes soldiers. In that aspect kill some people, Although Claire's dad needs to stay in the show, the best thing anyone can do for a story is to kill a leading character. He would be perfect, he's a partial bridge and a point of conscious for Claire and multiple characters. Kill him off. End that bridge that keeps the world together, have a war, create a new bridge later. As for this season, Samuel is great, but give him power, don't allude to him being great, MAKE HIM GREAT. On that note, we have a bad guy, sylar needs to be somewhere. He doesn't fit right now. Will he join Samuel or just walk around beheading freaks. We need fighting, drama can only be dramatic for so long before someone stabs the other for crying to much. -T


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