How Would You Fix Heroes?

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Following the episode that bid a final farewell to Nathan Petrelli, Heroes is on hiatus until 2010.

While creator Tim Kring talks a good game about a fifth season pick-up, the ratings speak for themselves: Heroes averages under six million live viewers per week. It's the lowest-rated network drama on television.

We'd like to see it return for a new volume, but only if it makes certain changes.


As readers discuss the show in our Heroes forum, here are the steps we'd take to fix the series and, hopefully, ensure a long run for it...

  • Turn Claire evil. Really evil, truly evil, not like Nathan-in-season-three evil. Claire is young, she's been searching for acceptance her entire life and it would make sense for her to think she's found it at the carnival. Eliminate her constant, boring second-guessing of what she wants and turn Claire Bear loose against her former friends.
  • Kill off Mohinder.
  • Kill off Tracy.
  • No more time-traveling. Ever.
  • Unite Hiro, Parkman, Peter and a returning Elle (we can dream can't we?) against Claire and her villainous carnival. Bam! There's your fifth season. No more hiding, no more whining about acceptance in society. Let these heroes actually use their abilities, pit a good faction against a bad faction - each led by HRG and Samuel, respectively - and turn the show into the action-packed adventure it always should have been.

Agree? Disagree? We have a lot of time to debate possible changes to the show prior to a new episode airing. Send in your suggestions today!

Also, relive the first half of the season by clicking on various images below:

A Cutter
Trio of Heroes
Charlie and Hiro Kiss
Time to Be Hazed
Life for HRG
Hospitalized Hiro
Samuel and Sylar
Tracy Picture
Matt and Baby Matt
Samuel Meets Hiro
Peter in a Fight

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Well I have watched this latest season and It has lost many viewers I am 14 and live in uk and I love to go ahead and see the new heroes episodes but recantly it had me disapointed nothing interesting happend wow a circus guy with a retarded power that is sooooooooo amazing (sarcastic) I mean come on finally sylar got his body back this should have been done in one episode we want to see sylar and peter have an epic battle with lots of action we want to see sylar take control of people slice there head open become more powerfull we want to see the circus people slowly get killed one by one by sylar we want to see claire do something instead of talking rubish for a whole episode your killing the story line nearly all my friends have stopped watching apart from 1 and they have posponed the new series 4 in england Heroes better have something good.


what if sylar came to the realization that he needs peter to mirror him so he captures him and fixes his powers.


I think that would be great changes. But also, kill off Noah Bennet. He played out his part in season two, now he's just annoying. Does anyone agree that if you hear "I'm doing it to protect you/my family" one more time you're going to carv your ears off?
I would also love to see a more bitter and cynical Peter. We all know he has it in him. And now when his brother is dead, his mother has made the ultimate betrail, Claire's running of with some carnies and so on, why wouldn't he trun into something that can be close to what we've seen in every future vision of him?


Peter could also steal Baby Touch-n-Go's ability, turn off
Sylars ability and then he can kill him for good.. He's really not that important, and I thought he was losing
control over the forms that he absorbed, causing him to shift between bodies unintentioanlly..A side-effect from his abuse of power..This would've been a great demise for Sylar, destroyed by his own greed.. Future Peter could've took out the soul of slyar,leaving him Gabriel, and placing the soul of evil Sylar in a tooth brush
or something.. He really doesn't matter you know The Heroes greatest enemy will be Micah,(or shall we call
him Brainiac)who could theoretically arm satellites to shoot
lazes at you from millions of miles away.


Also... 12.) The writers of Heroes should look to their peers and realize that there is a way to make a serialized series that also has individual plots in each episode. Allow a majority of episodes to have a main plot with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Look to X-Files, Smallville, and just about any other long running serialized series other than Lost (which manages to ramble on in free form effectively, unlike Heroes,) for ways to arrange the long term plot with individual episode plots. 13.) I'd like to agree with you on the "team" idea, but... That didn't work out so hot in Volume 3...


1.) Have an extended, long term plot figured out, and work toward a decided conclusion. This includes one for each season, and the entire show itself. Give people a reason to want to see this show all the way through. Focus focus focus. 2.) Heroes has various different writers working on different characters and arcs. While this worked with season 1 and 2, it clearly has been creating some real inconsistency for the past two years. Fire the writers who have been screwing the show up and bring in some flesh blood. 3.) Give Peter a weakened version of his original power. Allow him to keep the powers of those he shares only a deep emotional bond with, while still being able to take the powers of others "one-at-a-time" with these. This would make Peter powerful again without becoming, well too powerful. And I mean DEEP emotional bonds, or other very deep running connections. That is, he can always fly (Nathan,) dream of the future (Angela,) and have super strength/agility (Mohinder,) and perhaps have invisibility as a throwback to Claude. Then put some sort of rift between him and Claire (maybe something to do with the carnival) to keep him from getting that power... This would all also allow there to be a focus on Peter's relationship with those closest to him. Then make Peter into an anti-hero type character over time. 4.) Allow Hiro to teleport/freeze time, while revealing that actual time travel inevitably causes damage to the body over time, which would keep Hiro (and the writers) from using it too much and in the wrong ways. 5.) I disagree with the idea of Claire as a "pure evil" villain. To see her in a "morally questionable" light would be great, but this would be a very unrealistic light to ever paint her in. Rather, let her character turn into, well, ANYTHING. Just actually let it develop, for crying out loud! 6.)Stop limiting Sylar in ridiculous ways at the start of each volume... for the love of God, please. And he is Sylar and his lighter side Gabriel all at once, never just either one, or Nathan... 7.) And for that matter, never give another character amnesia or make them 10 years old ever again. 8.) Or take their powers away. Ugh. 9.)Hiro needs to develop as a character. Maybe use this Charlie story line in someway to alter the path of his character. Not the total bad ass that is Future Hiro, but a cross between that Hiro and the original. A goofy, yet awesome, bad ass, time freezing, teleporting sword master. And could we maybe reference the fact that he essentially IS Tazeko Kensei, his own child hood hero, every once in a while. 10.) I don't know about killing Mohinder, but actually give him a coherent, enjoyable plot. You know, the kind we saw him take part in the first two seasons...? 11.) Kill Tracy. Yeah. And actually follow through on the whole "Barbara" thing in the end. But hell, kill her off too.


How does a person become a t.v. writer?


Current Peter could also just steal Sylar's Intuitive aptitude
ability, to restore his own innate ability or use it like Arthur taught Sylar, to acquire abilities empathically... That's all folks :)


Sorry bout that.
I didn't mean cloak, I meant clock.. I also can see a few complications my suggesting may bring,
so instead of Peter switching places with his past; perhaps
he could steal his fathers ability in the past, to restore his
innate ability, or use baby touch n go, to turn on Peter's innate empathic mimicry. I'm sick of Sylar his existence, he makes no sense and there's
no way Peter would let him live, after already killing his
father, brother, and failed attempts at his mom.. How could anyone forgive this?
Also,why on earth would Arthur Petrelli steal his own sons
ability, but not his slyar; the man who would later actually
kill him? These plots make no sense, and I'm no longer amused with it.
Of course Claire's blood could heal Nathan, why would
Angela be so stupid?


I hardly watch the show anymore because it no longer makes any sense.In the beginning of one season, hiro's in the office board out of his mind, while he speeds up the cloak, and the speeds it back down;demonstrating he can easily move forward and back in time at will.. Yet when Charlie is kidnapped by Samuel, it seems he all the sudden forgot this simple fact.. I really hate the fact that Peter doesn't have his Full abilities,
or the fact that when he borrowed hiro's time traveling ability, he didn't go back in time and warn himself that his father would steal all his abilities. Perhaps trade places with himself?? I also don't like the "alternative-lifestyle push mainstream media
has forced down our throats with the Gretchen and Claire thing.
I don't like my TV shows political, and I don't want to see that crap either!


Heroes Quotes

Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

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