Friday Night Lights Review: "In the Bag"

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Another week, another great episode of Friday Night Lights.

There were three main storylines this week, all of which we'll tackle (pun... intended!) below. First, read through our detailed recap of "In the Bag."

1. Shooting Down a Problem: Of all the times Eric has motivated a player or given him a talk about life outside football, this one left the most to be desired. It played out like a Pubic Service Announcement. It also felt like there were a few scenes missing.

Three of Vince's friends have been killed on the street? We understand this storyline was shot from the coach's point of view, but it would have been nice to have seen more of Vince's dangerous world before the issue was quickly resolved with him handing over his piece.

Tami and Eric Taylor

2. Sayonara-cen: After all the praise Zach Gilford (deservedly) received for his performances in the wake of Saracen's father's death, it's been easy to overlook Aimee Teegarden's work as Julie. But she stepped up her game this week, especially in two contrasting scenes of emotion.

In the first, around the table with Shelby and Grandma Saracen, she held back the tears - yet couldn't hide her vast disappointment - when she learned about Matt's phone calls. Then, she went in the opposite direction and let it all out at the Academic Smackdown debate. Great stuff all around.

3. From Panther to Father: Might Riggins make an even better father figure than running back? His interactions with Becky have been some of the best scenes of the season, as he's had to both resist her advances and comfort a young girl whose situation he can relate to far too well.

What's also been so refreshing about Riggins this season is how the series is handling his life in Dillon. This isn't a character stuck in a small town, yearning to leave, destined for a poor, sullen existence. Riggins actually embraces where he's from. He's proud of it, he's content with a simple life of fixing cars and drinking beer. Texas forever? It sure looks that way, based on the intriguing final shot of the episode.

There were also a trio of Friday Night Lights quotes that made us laugh out loud this week:

  • When Landry mumbled to Jess that he might write a song about her someday;
  • When Riggins told Becky's father he slept with his wife;
  • When a dead serious Billy told Tim that holding the charity strip-a-thon at Riggins Rigs was the best idea he's ever had in his life.

Man, we love this show.

In the Bag Review

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