Fashion Face-Off: Blake Lively vs. Jessica Szohr

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Who will prevail in a style showdown of Gossip Girl stars at the premiere of Sherlock Holmes? That you'll have to tell us - and really, there's no wrong answer.

On the left, we have Blake Lively. On the right, Jessica Szohr. It's a showdown of striking starlets, and you don't have to be a detective to study these clues!

All that's left to do is tell us whose fashion you like best:

Miss Blake
Szohr-ly You Jest

A couple of gorgeous Gossip Girl stars on the red (black) carpet.

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Jessica looks better


Do we really need to have a competition for this, Blake looks amazing! I mean Jessica looks so covered up, she doesn't risk it like Blake.


Blake looks stunning but i would wear Jessica's outfit ! She looks pretty too


Jessica looks better! Her clothes are really nice and fit the occasion. Blake is to undressed, as always. Don't like the way she's screaming for attention.


Blake! all the way :)


blake wins hands down..
but her dress isnt all that pretty..
her right side looks too poofy for me..
and as for jess..
her outfit is cute, but i dont like the leggings too much..
also, its very casual, not meant for red carpet..


BLAKE for syre she look glam


Jess is not elegant enough for a movie premier. And I hate peep toe shoes with leggins. She would be better without them and maybe a smaller shirt given that she has a boyfriend blazer and not everything can seem to be a size bigger... it looks odd On the other hand, I understand people who think that Blake's dress is very revealing... a little bit fashion forward. But it's a Dolce and it's something we've seen before and it has become quite a trend. Remember Kirsten from Twilight wearing a dress which allowed her underwear to be seen? I've seen something like that on someone else (I can't remember who it was right now) Plus Blake hair was great...


Blake all the way!! woooo
love her and her fashion sense!



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