Brothers & Sisters Round Table: "Nearlyweds"

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As we documented in our review of "Nearlyweds," Brothers & Sisters was extra soapy a little cliched last night, but still delivered a solid episode and a major cliffhanger.

Below, our staff members analyze and discuss some of last night's developments in our Brothers & Sisters Round Table. Here's our panel's take on some key topics:

1. What was your favorite Brothers & Sisters quote from the episode?

The Barnacle: Robert to Kitty: See, it's this. It's just sitting here together, in a waiting room. Both of us trying to pretend we're not scared, that's love."

Dr. Shepherd: "Sometimes the things you are most afraid of are the things that make you the happiest." - Nora

M.L. House: Justin's plea to Rebecca after his epiphany: "The only person I can't take care of is myself. I can't promise I'll never have doubts about myself, but I promise I'll never doubt us. Please, just give me a second chance. And marry me tomorrow." Swoon.

Brothers & Sisters Round Table

2. Will Kitty survive?

M.L. House: The question is how long she'll survive. Will she be there when the show returns in January? Almost definitely. By the end of the season, however? I'd say 50-50.

Dr. Shepherd: The Brothers & Sisters spoilers and casting news we've come across so far indicate some Kitty-related story lines in the new year, so she'll make it ... for now.

The Barnacle: Tumors growing is never a good sign, but the show can't get rid of Calista! She's absolutely rocked this cancer story, as sad as it is to watch. Get well Kitty!!

3. Harder to believe: Nora being conned so easily, or Robert taking off in the five seconds the wedding was off?

The Barnacle: Robert leaving didn't make sense to me, especially given what was going on with Kitty. Wouldn't he stay until Monday to hear the results of her test (assuming she wasn't lying)? Still, Nora and her naivete take this one hands down.

M.L. House: Okay ... didn't Justin come back the same night Rebecca called off the wedding and convince her to call it back on? If so, why did Robert leave first thing the next morning? Climate schlimate! I wanted to hear his speech at their wedding!

Dr. Shepherd: Nora being hosed. How on Earth did she 1. Not see that coming herself, and/or 2. Share her plans with Sarah or Kevin, who would have talked her out of it?

4. Team Tommy or Team Kevin?

The Barnacle: Team Tommy. Not the smartest move on his part not telling Julia, but Kevin should have backed off. Granted, it worked out in the end, but I thought Tommy had a point when he said Kevin thinks too much like a lawyer and not like a brother.

M.L. House: Team Kevin. Sorry, but Tommy was being a d!ck, and Kevin didn't want to cause trouble. He just thought by letting Julia know before she found out later she'd be merely irate - preferable, by any measure, to a lot more irate and ready to sue him.

Dr. Shepherd: Team Kevin. Not only was he right from a legal standpoint, he was vindicated when he (and Scotty) convinced Julia to let Elizabeth come to the wedding anyway.

5. Will Rebecca and Justin EVER get married?

The Barnacle: They have to, right? I think Justin's finally ready now, but it stinks that this had to get in the way. Damn you Kitty and your cancer-induced fainting! (Kidding)

M.L. House: Maybe this was yet another sign that they aren't ready. I know he says he can handle it now, but there are serious communication problems lingering here.

Dr. Shepherd: If only Saul had sped up the ceremony just a little bit more, Justin and Rebecca wouldn't have had this setback. But yes, they will tie the knot, and soon.

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Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

See, it's this. It's just sitting here together, in a waiting room. Both of us trying to pretend we're not scared, that's love. Not being able to concentrate on writing a speech about the beauty of love because you're scared you might lose it and nothing will ever be the same. And realizing that the one place, the ONE place, that you feel most "you" is when you are lying next to her, just breathing.


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