Brothers & Sisters Review: "Nearlyweds"

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The drama that has been building for weeks Brothers & Sisters, along with the title of last night's episode, foreshadowed trouble for Justin and Rebecca's wedding.

Trouble there was, but not what you might have expected. Click here for a full recap of "Nearlyweds." Below, we've written a brief review of last night's episode ...

Nora apparently gets hosed by her younger boyfriend Simon, who said he needed $100,000 for his foundation, and for whatever reason, she goes along with it.

We're led to believe he skips town with her money. Maybe he didn't, but it really looks like Nora was conned, which makes very little sense to us. And here's why:

The Walkers analyze, argue, share and think about everything! Even last week, Sarah and Kevin raised doubts about Simon. Then last night she just cuts a check?!

Come on. She'd never do that without consulting Kevin and Sarah - and after what we saw last week, they'd flip out and never let her write it without a fight. Yeesh.

The Harpers

Rebecca calls off the wedding. For approximately 27 seconds.

Rebecca wants to get married in Malibu when a hurricane cancels their Hawaii wedding (Holly and Nora must be pretty psyched for the financial burden to be lifted).

Justin is flipping out but more on that in a moment. Tommy flew in with Elizabeth, which Kevin knew was legally kidnapping since Tommy hadn’t asked Julia first.

Rather than trying to keep a lid on it and hope nothing came of this, Kevin outed Tommy to Julia, who showed up at Nora’s to take Elizabeth home. Tommy? Pissed.

Fortunately, it was Scotty who saved the day, helping Julia cool off and maybe forgive Tommy. A little. The next day, Kevin and Scotty bring Elizabeth to the wedding.

Justin is brooding in his car and missing his own rehearsal dinner at Nora’s when he hears a child hit by a car - seemingly out of nowhere. Seemed a little forced to us.

At the dinner, Rebecca calls off the wedding because she assumed that’s what he wanted by not showing up or answering his phone. But he finally does show up later.

Saving the boy, Justin says in one of the cheesier (yet effective) Brothers & Sisters quotes in recent memory, helped him realize he can care of people, just not himself.

He will be a good husband and a good father, even in self-doubt. Wedding is on!

Robert McCallister Picture

Sen. McCallister went to Washington, but still stole the show last night.

Kitty has been trying to keep it together, but after she learns that the chemo wasn’t successful, she lies to Robert and says she won't find out her MRI results until Monday.

We can buy that, but then she also has him go to Washington for a climate change bill during the five minutes the wedding was off? Why? It's puzzling to say the least.

Naturally, just before Justin and Rebecca can say their vows (after an emotional montage, we must admit), Kitty collapses on the beach. Justin does CPR as we fade to black.

That was pretty cliched and obvious by the end. However, Calista Flockhart really sold it, as she has the entire cancer storyline. Could Kitty really be dead? Or on her way?

Our other favorite part of the episode, even if it wasn't integral to the plot, was Kitty and Robert. His speech made Kitty cry, and made our living room a little dusty too.

As for Justin and Rebecca, does this mean there will be another wedding? Are you getting sick of how long this is being drawn out? Was last night a bit soapy in general?

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