90210 Round Table: "Winter Wonderland"

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As documented in our weekly 90210 review, we weren't major fans of the 2009 finale.

A few readers have already disagreed, however, so we're interested to see how they react to the topics discussed below. Enjoy the following Round Table discussion and remember to visit our show forum to chime in on the series everyday...

For how long will Liam and Naomi last?
M.L. House: Hopefully, not very. I don't mind the pair together, but a happy couple is a boring couple. I'm all for the pair having crazy sex on Liam's boat (more on that below), but then let's keep putting obstacles between the two.

Dr. Shepherd: At least through the end of this season. The show has to keep couples together for a decent amount of time in order to make us care about them.

The Barnacle: One number, one fake word: 4 eva!

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A boat? Really?!?
M.L. House: Haha, my thoughts exactly! I'd have been fine with Liam simply revealing that he worked on the boat as an escape from his problems. But the show built the tarp up so much that the structure was a major disappointment once it was revealed.

Dr. Shepherd: It could have been worse. When they first showed Liam and a blueprint, many weeks ago in his work room, I seriously feared the show was gonna cross a major line and have him shoot up the school or something insane.

The Barnacle: Sure, why not? As Andy Samberg rapped, life on a boat can be pretty awesome.

Should Annie be afraid?
M.L. House: Not really. She seems to have more evidence on Jasper than he has on her. If she beats Jasper to the accusatory punch and reveals him to be a drug dealer, any hit-and-run talk from him will seem like bitter, petty revenge.

Dr. Shepherd: Yes. She's played by a terrible actress.

The Barnacle: Probably. I gotta assume Jasper has proof that Annie hit his uncle. I was let down by how this finally got revealed, however. I was hoping all along that Jasper was using Annie and/or setting her up for some major fall... instead, he simply blurted out what he knew in self-defense.

Dixon's birth mother search: Exciting, or overdone?
M.L. House: Overdone. It would be more interesting to have an adopted kid on a show simply be happy with his parents and not go on the cliche-ridden search for his birth parents.

Dr. Shepherd: Exciting... the first time. It's strange the show is playing this card again, so soon after Dixon and Annie previously tracked down his real mom.

The Barnacle: Overdone. I'd much rather see his adopted mother topless. (Sorry, did I write that out loud?!?)

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The boat actually was pretty significant to the plot because Liam feeling comforable enough to open up to Naomi is what made them fall for eachother in the first place, the fact that he opened up to her again about something he kept hidden from everyone else shows how comforatable he is around her and that he trusts her.


Love Annie. Finally, I get to see her finally getting mingled again with the rest of the core characters. And I disagree about Shenae Grimes being a terrible actress. How would you react if a guys knows your secret that is pretty much the source of all your guilt, and not just guilt but something as big as hitting a guy on the road. TV fanatic should ought to read what fans think otherwise in TVF forums as well as other 90210 discussion sites. Your review of "Winter Wonderland" has got to be the worst review I've ever read, totally contradicts what other critics may have thought about the episode.


I love Naomi Liam..and from what I've seen in other viewer responses ..they are indeed a fan favorite...they have to last a good while together....after all the pining for each other...we deserve to see their relationship unfold...Yeah excited...i think such will be the case...they are HOT together and definitely the power couple of this show (BY FAR).. Yes the boat was kinda silly but for him to open up to Naomi showed how much he cares.... Dixon oh no..NOW u have feelings for Silver again..now that u see someone else interested in her...how about SHADY... i could care less for Annie...really and Ade and Navid (miss them)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I LOVED THIS EPISODE! it could have been more cliffhanger - but now we know that Jasper knows about Annie's involvement in the hit and run so guaranteed in 2010 that there'll be some massive drama, would be good to see Annie being arrested and stuff. But it makes me suspect that she'll be the one who attempts suicide.. Bit disappointed in the responses to Naomi/Liam. They're so cute and obviously their feelings are real, they've lasted and gotten stronger despite all the crap that went on. Looking forward to a long time relationship for these two - and learning more about Liam! And the boat, well yeah I was expecting something crazy under there, but it didn't matter what it was, the fact was that Liam shared with Naomi - no one else - so finally he's loosening up. I was so cut at Dixon though - hoping for Silver/Teddy to eventuate. Can't wait til 2010!

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