Will Clark Kent Become Superman This Season on Smallville?

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It's a simple, yet pressing question: Will Clark Kent finally become Superman this season on Smallvile?

A fan of The CW series posed this question to TV Guide Magazine; who, in turn, took it to producer Brian Peterson.

He said the black blur suit Clark has been donning this season was only meant to be a temporary bridge to the long-overdue Superman unveiling; which, yes, is currently being planned.

“Given the Clark Kent everyone knows from our show, it would come out of nowhere to have him automatically start wearing the [Superman] suit,” Peterson said, adding season nine might conclude with Clark building a new costume with more familiar colors.

A Smallville Embrace

As for Lois and Clark getting together, as the former dreamed at the start of this season? Look above, Smallville fans.

“What we teased in the premiere, we have all intentions of paying off for the fans this season," Peterson said.

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I was hoping for Clark Kent to become Superman this season as he is getting closer to it. I have been for years waiting for Clark Kent to become Superman. The later seasons are better since Green Arrow because it looks more like DC Comics.


i mean come on i know that it had to be just like superman but i think it'll be better if clark tells lois everything and they can be together forever they need a change so that superman and smallville have no connection lolz i got used to everything! P.S I think Smallville is way better than Superman


how does this work? on superman i thought Jimmy Olsen wasn't dead? I really hope they make it where Clark ends up with lois and not just get her pregnant!


I would really hope that, if they do a Superman reveal, that they find a way to make the costume less... I dunno... cheesy? I just can't see that costume working in the universe of Smallville. Obviously Clark has to become Superman, but I hope they'll find some way to make the costume a bit more... modern?

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