Who Will Turn Werewolf on The Vampire Diaries?

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There are clearly vampires in Mystic Falls.

After last week's episode, we also know there have been witches in the town for centuries.

TV Guide, meanwhile, reports that another creature will soon make an appearance on The Vampire Diaries.

On an upcoming episode, a major male character will turn out to be a werewolf. This storyline was not part of the L.J. Smith book series; and the magazine state that the individual in question won't even know he's a werewolf at first.

Interesting. There are only a couple candidates, really: Tyler and Matt. Our money is on the latter. Debate this issue now in our Vampire Diaries forum!

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I think that Tyler will turn into the werewolf. I mean once he hit Jeremy and Jeremy was like "Whats wrong with you?" Tyler was like "I don't know" And the camera people zoomed in on the FULL MOON. So I think they were leaving a hint for us to know who the next werewolf will be. But I also think that Tlyer's DAD will be a werewolf also. Don't ask why I just have a feeling. So I say Tyler all the way.


I'm pretty sure that it will be Tyler because on episode 10 when he punched Jeremy and said that he didn't know what was wrong with him they showed the full moon in the background and even before I'd heard that there was going to be a werewolf I suspected he would be one.


I say it is tyler cause in the last episoside it showed him and the moon and also because he is lyk that


He's dark, tall, and handsome. All the ingredients for a hot werewolf. Matt is hot too, but like "Twilight: Newmoon", and the upcoming movie "The Wolfman", they all have the same characteristics. Brown hair, tan skin. PLUS PLUS PLUS. In one episode, which I think was the last one that aired, Tyler is acting strange, and interestingly, the camera turns to the MOON. HMMMMM......
I haven't read the books so I had no idea there was even a werewolf, but at that MOMENT, I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT WAS HIM. Tyler is a bad boy, werewolves are bad. :D If it's Jeremy I might stop watching the show. Do they really need a druggie on the show?


Ok everybody the writers are bring new people on the cast which means new male lead roles and i don't know the actors name but the characters name is Lee and they confirmed him to be a werewolf already and who knows maybe he'll bite Matt and he'll become one.
but im pretty sure Tyler is one because of the foreshadowing of the full moon and him not willing to fight Jeremy on several occasions and when he does fight Jeremy he goes out of control. and if he turns out not to be a werewolf than cursed the writers for tricking us.


It's Tyler. The full moon, his dad being called a alpha something, his dad saying "You've just been marked" IT'S HIM!! He was one in the books and he gets away.


I'd hope to see tyler because on one of the episodes jeremy asks "what's your problem?" and tyler says "i don't know." and he just walks away so to me that means that somethings wrong with him... maybe changing into werwolf?? also he looks more like the werwolf type!


i think tyler is a werewolf because his character is so mysterious it makes u wonder wats his deal??? and that full moon shot with the camera gave away a big hint...hmmm? i wonder...


im soo excited! i love werewolves and i already like the series already.Sso i have a feeling Tyler will become the werewolf cuz in the last episode it kinda gave it away... lol but yeah kant w88 ^___^


Actually, this article is wrong. The werewolf story does indeed come DIRECTLY out of the LJ Smith novels and it IS Tyler. I've read all of the VD books, and while there have been changes, the basics are all still the same. Stefan and Damon are vampires, Elena is in love with Stefan, Elena is a dead ringer for Katherine, Bonnie is a witch, and Tyler is a werewolf.

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