What Did You Think of "The Treasure of Serena Madre"?

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The 11th episode of Season 3 just aired, featuring more Thanksgiving drama on the UES than even we saw coming - and it's our job to see it coming!

Did you love tonight's Gossip Girl? Did it live up to the hype? Was it disappointing? Confusing? Did you find "The Treasure of Serena Madre" boring?

We want to hear what you think!

Share your thoughts on all of this evening's Gossip Girl by leaving comments and voting in our poll below. Tell us if you liked the episode and why!

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Oh, that Chuck Bass look.

"The Treasure of Serena Madre" was ...

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Gossip girl is back :D Great episode loved how the thanksgiving diner turned into a drama , the Chuck and Nate bromance back , Blair and S bff no matter what ! Dorota being pregnant haha who would have tought that ! And kinda hate S for leaving with Tripp well she is getting paid for that carcrash and Maureen 's revenge can't wait
But after the new episode do we really have to wait than till MARCH???????


Great episode! I think the best this season! Chuck is the best friend ever! And I always love when Dorota speaks polish ,'cause I'm polish:) Gratulacje!^^


i'm completely with you Dee, jenny is definitly the girl for him :) best chemistry ever.


I loved this episode.
Maureen, actually is very interesting as a character, like a lil devil. And when she saw the letter, she looked very happy for having it, so there is something about Serena, what can destroy her, or something.
I was in shock, when Nate was standing there alone. I was sure, that Serena will stay, but she didn't. And now, reading coments I assume, that u r all right - that's for building up Serenate later...
That gives some spice to show, it was actually getting a litlle boring...


The best part of this episode was BY FAR ELEANOR!!! Dorota too! What does this suggest? Are the other characters getting bored? It seems contrived to me and dialogues are an effort. I can't see GG going more than season 4.


Okay, seriously this is annoying me soo much. I get it serena is the ain character, butt this does not mean that every episode has to be about her. Secondly, please please please NEVER refer to Nate and Serena as the new chuck and blair, never again, because NS dont have the same chemistry as chuck/blair. Thirdy, i know this isnt the chuck/blair show, but honestly would atlest one storyline kill anyone? I mean they are the two most popular characters on the show and the most popular pairing, and they are being used as FILLERS?!?! Are the writers stupid, and they wonder why the ratings are low...


No,you're not crazy.And if you are,I believe I would,too.I'm really enjoying DV and NS.
I think Vanessa,as Dan old friend knows him better,they came from the same world,and now that Dan is "changing of world" it's gonna be a problem for them.It's gonna be good.
As for Serena and Nate,Nate always liked her.Or at least is what I'm believing in.And Serena spent 2 seasons w/ Dan,in first purpose to forget Nate.So I think it's gonna take some time to her to remind what made them want to be together,so she has to pass through her "Tripp's time"


i gotta admit i support SereNate. since season 1, its somehow feelings were lingered between the 2 of them since the Shepard incident. Over the seasons of episodes, we've also witnessed how their bonding blossomed, up to this date. That kinda ambiguity cant be explained simply in words. S decided to hop off with Tripp doesnt imply that she had chosen Tripp ultimately. As what some others were saying, she's merely making a decision based on who needs her more at that point of time. How bout perceiving her as someone who is indecisive and impulsive but she noes her responsibility? she cant possibly leave Tripp in a lurch and thus, she'll opt to seek N's understanding instead at that moment. Perhaps considering N knew her well enough. Overall, I feel Gossip Girl had did a fairly good job in Season 3. Fair and square, we gotta agree Chair got more screenings in Season 2 (later part of season). Their love story has embarked and slowly brewing. Now its the season to rectify SereNate's r.s. Isn't it? Probly its through all previous r.s mis-matches (if any) then all couples in Season 3 will realise that they are meant for one another?


Maybe next episode, C is mourning Blair's death or something.
She doesn't even appear in promos anymore.
They never did this to the almighty S...
They should've let Josh do his "valley girls". He's obsessed with his VanDerWoodsen show or sthg.
Sorry to break it to you Josh but Blair or Eleanor PAWN Serena or Lily...


I liked and disliked this episode. I really liked the thanksgiving dinner scene where things were getting revealed, that did seem like old school gg to me and I enjoyed it. NS has never been my favorite pairing, but I like the idea of them and think they have potential. Tripp as the obstocle before there relationship...not so much. I'm not really loving what they're doing with Serena's character, she seems so all over the place that I'm having trouble pegging down what's going on. One minute she's saying she's not going to have an affair, then she's making out/having sex (I'm not entirely sure what happened) on the elevator, then she's going to stop, and then she's going to go with him. I understand being confused, but I would rather see her admitt to everyone that she doesn't know, then keep lying to them. It doesn't make her character come off well. And I feel like Serena's plotlines are taking up too much of the show. First it was the paparazzi and Carter and then it moved on to her working, and now Tripp. Serena is one of the main characters and she should have important plots that are featured on the show, but it seems like she keeps getting them and others aren't. Jenny's queen storyline seems to keep getting shoved into the background, poor Chuck seems to have very little screentime, and Blair seems to be only used to further other plots. I wish the show would just even out the plotlines a bit, so all the characters got their fair share. I'm sad to see Eleanor go, I always liked the dynamic between her and Blair. They had such a screwed up relationship, but it was fun to watch. I want to know what was in that letter that has everyone so crazy. I can't think of anything that would make good blackmail for Maureen, which it looks like she's going to use it for. I don't hate the idea of Dan and Vanessa, they work better than I ever thought Nate and Vanessa did, but I'm having trouble getting exctied for it. I guess it just depends on where they're going to take the story.


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