Team Vampire Diaries vs. Team True Blood: Stars Weigh In!

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Forget Team Edward vs. Team Jacob for a moment.

TV Guide Magazine recently asked a handful of actresses to weigh in on Team Vampire Diaries vs. Team True Blood. Which is their favorite vampire show and why? Find out now...

Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse): “I got sucked into True Blood. The writing is so different and bizarre. It’s a good mix of violent and funny.”

Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory): “Neither. True Blood grosses me out. It’s too dark for me. The weird wacky world I’m into is Harry Potter.”

Frightened Vampires
Bill, True Blood

Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost/V): “All those vampires are hot. True Blood’s vampires are pretty hot, but at the same time, I love Nina (Dobrev, who plays Elena) from Vampire Diaries. I met her at Comicon and can’t think of a sweeter girl.”

Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter): “My friend is the show runner on Vampire Diaries, so I have to choose that.”

Kathryn Morris (Cold Case): "I'm going to have to say True Blood because we've had a few wacky guest appearances from those actors on our show."

Now, we need to hear from our readers: Which team are you on?

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I've now seen more of True Blood, and I have to say the story has grown on me. I'm now in the second season (like it better than the first) and I like the story a lot. So now I like both VD and TB, VD for a younger audience than TB. On a side note: I'm now into the 4th book of VD, and I'm not sure I'll continue. The story has become less interesting starting in the 3rd book... Hope 4th season of VD doesn' go the same way...


At this moment: VD. I watched the first 3 seasons of VD and loved it. Like every show, the first episode is always a bit getting used to, but the story was interesting enough. I am now reading the VD books. Good reading also, same types of personalities and names but, like the story itself, is different from the TV series.
Have just seen the first episode of TB... I was really looking forward to it but, to be honest, it was kind of a disappointment. Not really into the southern accent (can get past that), but it was kind of boring. I'll watch a few more episodes, but sofar it's like watching a slow bad soap with one (not too handsome looking) vampire and a bit too much nudity (it distracts from the thin story)


True Blood is a load of crap. First of all. "Bill" what kind of vamp name is that. Then you get "Sookie", wtf kind of a name is that. Seriously. Further more, the show is too scripted, the people cant act, they over do it and it all looks soo fake. Then it looks like a budget porn movie. More sex than anything else. The vampires look fake, where did you ever see a vampires fangs come out in the front of their mouth. It is the worst tv show of all time, id much rather watch the Days of Our Lives. On the other hand. Vampire Diaries is the real deal. Best vamp show ever!! Hooked on it.


Well vampire diaries is much more better than true hate, but its true, i like them both Stefan and Damon, but I wish that Elena will end up with Stefan, because they always love each other and thinkig about each other, but Damon ohhh he is really confused...
Its jus like tht I cant live without tht show, it seems tht without him my day is awful and gray..dame I hate tht feeling, this show ia just like a very very stong drug, tht u cant stand without him :*****


VD it will always be VD :D*


fash d ish bwt maturity buh no1 cn telll mi elena acts beta dan sookie..sookie is an actress..if uv watched american mall ull simply throw up no offence buh elena sucks big aint no such tyn as bin 2 old 4 a vamp.plzz sparre mi..true blood is definitely beta dn vd




tb 4 ever: If you've read the books like you claim to have done, then you'll know that the vampires in TVD can walk in the sunlight, not because they wear some tacky accessory, but because a spell has been cast on that particular piece of jewelry by a witch. It's not the rings that let them walk in sunlight, it's the spell that indirectly affects them through that ring. A witch casting a spell is not as "WTF" as finding out Sookie is part fairy. I wanted to shoot the writers.


Everyone's way too hyped up about these shows. For those of you claiming one is better than the other; get over yourself. Not all people are the same and therefore everyone is ALLOWED to have a different opinion. Some people hate explicit nudity, graphic gore, and southern drawls, namely True Blood. Others hate teen drama, predictability, and cliche spell-work; The Vampire Diaries. Secondly, just because Vampire Diaries doesn't have a sex scene every fifteen minutes does NOT mean it's a show for children. Those of you who say that are trying much to hard to defend True Blood and sound like kids yourselves. I can list dozens of TV shows that, just because they don't host profanity, nudity, and gore, can be by your standards called a "kids' show". It's simply a clean vamp series, that's all. And the only similarity to Twilight is the fact that it's a high school drama about vampires. Everything else is done much more creatively, with wit, charm, humor, plot twists, and more developed relationships. Twilight is dumb. Since this is a weigh-in, not a bashing forum, I'll give my honest opinion too. Although I like them both, I admit that True Blood can be pretty boring, and Sookie and Bill's relationship isn't very interesting. While Vampire Diaries pulled me in almost instantly, True Blood took some time to fall in love with. I also find the cast of Vampire Diaries to be more physically and emotionally appealing. Sookie is sweet, but can be kind of ditzy and Bill looks unattractively unhealthy (I know it's because he's dead, but he looks really old in the series). And then there's the fangs... I hate the way the vampires in True Blood look. The only vampire feature is the fangs, which look thin, stereotypical, and cheap. There's nothing else that's dark and demonic about them. In The Vampire Diaries, their eyes darken and black veins ripple out under then when they vamp out--it's too cool. So! Even though I'm a big True Blood fan, The Vampire Diaries takes the cake! Oh, and to the person that made fun of The Vampire Diaries' initials, stating that "VD" is stupid because it also stands for "venereal disease"... it's TVD. If you're going to make fun of it, remember all of the letters. Besides, True Blood's not much better. From what I gather, tuberculosis is pretty awful.


come on guys!vd vs tb?true blood is way better than vampire diaries.the acting in vd is shitty and the whole story is about a girl who has to chose between 2 vamps.and vd is really predictable!true blood has a great story.u can't say vd is better than tb because the actors are prettier or because it hasn't so much sex as tb!i've read both tb and vd books and i've watched both shows.yeah maby the vd were written years ago before tb books,but,vamps who walk in the day because they wear rings?W.T.F!

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