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Serenate! I think I melted a little when he said that whole thing about Telling Serena( J in disguise) that he loves her. I was rooting for it to happen . Why would she make such a terrible decision, Tripp is like the sorta ok guy you dance with but dont go home with! Bag that Nate before Vanessa's toothsome vagina eats him up again!


For some sick, gossipy reason, I just love Tripp and Serena together.

I do have to say, though, she showed how much of a whore she can really be by almost kissing Nate, then going and banging his cousin the same night. Really, Serena!? Chuck is one step of proposing to Blair and having little conniving children with her. What the hell are you doing!?

She just needs to grow up.

BUT!!!!!!!!! Please give me a healthy dose of hot scandal first!

(By the way, on that promo, the elevator scene was H-O-T! Like they desperately needed each other on that moment. Right. There. I can definetely relate.)


Gossip Girl is getting too incestuous. First of all Dan slept with Oliva and Vanessa. Ew. Plus Vanessa slept with Nate who kissed Dan's sister Jenny. Then we have Blair who other then Nate and Chuck, also had Marcus who was sleeping with his step mother, who in turn was sleeping with Nate, who was having a fake relationship with Serena, two years after they really did it when Nate was still going out with Blair. Then after Serena does it with Aaron Cyrus (Blair's step brother) she sleeps with Carter who also slept with Blair. Then she chooses to start an affair with Tripp who is Nate's married cousin, who is probably the guy she'll sleep with next(again). Chuck kissed Jenny and possibly Serena, I can't remember that far back, both of whom are now his step sisters! And I haven't even mentioned all the Derena stuff with Rufus and Lily and Scott. Okay, that is just disgusting! What if one of the characters got an STD? Then the whole damn cast would end up with it. Ewwwwwwwwww. Gossip Girl has to stop mixing their characters, because it is simply WRONG! And also someone needs to give S a slap and tell her that she's in love with Nate (please Blair, please Blair!)
One last thing what does NBC mean? It's not Nate Blair Chuck, is it?


I really don’t want Nate and Serena together. He is so sweet, she doesn’t deserve him. But I do sotra like her and Trip together.

Blair and Nate forever


Love the round table, but don't appreciate the tourretes joke.



i love serenate. Actually i love vanderbazien but since that got nixed i really likes the idea of nate becoming an important character again, or ratherrr just a more real, interesting character with an actual storyline.
Which is why i really think tripp is just a plotpoint for this couple. I mean it just seems that way to me. Also i don't know if Tripp and Serena actually get together only because if you hear the extended promo she is standing next to tripp and you hear "so you're stalking me now?" and then you see the picture of nate and her. But you can clearly tell she's saying it to tripp. IMO! and she apparently tells nate that she didn't do anything with him cause he says something along the lines of, "you expect me nothing happened???" Just some food for thought.

and while we are at it! Both Chair and Serenate are beautiful couples however IMO Serenate have it in the looks column.
And blair and chuck may have missed out on most of the episode but they stole the show with best quotes :)


blair was back this episode for sure. i loved her line "I have an army to build, a school to take over, and girls to blackmail." if for no other reason than it felt like a total shout out to the princess bride "i have a wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and guilder to frame for it. i'm swamped" and because cyrus was vizzini i choose to beleive the reference was intentional.
i really like olivia this episode and was sorry to see her go although i was happy with how they handled her exit, i feared for the worst after carter's uncerimonious disappearence. i also loved nate this episode who has always been a meh character for me but recently is evolving into someone awesome.
serena definitely makes the worst decisions. i like how she found the flimsiest excuse to go ahead and become the other woman. jenny's character gets better and better. i like how reckless and ruthless and self destructive she is and we need that now that chuck has outgrown his self destructive tendencies.
this episode was great. loved it.


"Mister Meester: Stripp. You can't beat that couple name. More importantly, Gossip Girl needs to get scandalous lose its moral compass, as we talked about last week. Married Congressman-elect nailing a teenager? That'll do it!"

100% AGREE!!!!!!! Thank you!


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

Okay, hate to take the spotlight from Chuck or whoever, whatever but last night was all B in quotes. Sure there was great awesome quotes; I considered putting six up here, but I finally just decided to spotlight my three fave Blair quotes.
1 - Olivia: Vanessa, you're in love with Dan, and everyone here knows it.
Dan: Olivia, that's ... that's crazy. Come on.
Olivia: You know what, I don't have to put up with any of this. I quit.
Vanessa: Oh no you don't. I quit!
Blair: What's going on? Did you bozos have a threesome or something? [pause] Oh God! How stupid can you be? The third person's always supposed to be a stranger!
2 - Blair: [to V and O] First, I'll text TMZ. Then Gossip Girl. Oh! And the Town Crier in Nowheresville, Vermont, so your parents find out! So, what's it gonna be?
3 - Blair: I have an army to build, a school to take over, and girls to blackmail.
I changed my mind:
4 - Blair: When girls live together, sometimes their cycles sync up. No hormones, not yours or theirs, will get in the way of my cabaret!

2. Are you upset that Olivia's gone?

Well, her character wasn't very realistic, but are they ever? Characters I mean. Some are and aren't, but if you're interested you won't notice the flaws.

3. Lady Gaga's performance: Hit or miss?

Miss. I didn't know what the point was for thirty seconds of airtime.

4. Whose decision making is worse, Serena or Jenny?

Well, I kept thinking Jenny's but she hasn't really done anything yet. Serena is going to have an affair with a married man when Nate is her match. The married man is Nate's cousin. How much worse can you kick Nate while he's down.

5. How awesome is Chuck?

I love Chuck, and he's an awesome figure, but his airtime is limited and he has no storyline. Come on writers. Write something brillant. I'll write it for you if you can't.

BONUS QUESTION: Which couple would you prefer to see, Serenate or Stripp?

I love the Stripp name, it's totally funny, but Serenate all the way. They look so good together. If I can't have Serena and Dan, (They share a sibling and are step siblings and they slept together; how much more redneck can you get?) I want Serena and Nate. And Serenate. Such a romantic gesture.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
- "I'm Chuck Bass. Even Europeans must know what that means."Need I say more??
2. Are you upset that Olivia's gone?
- Nah. Sh was like mint chocolate chip ice cream: nice for a while, but once its done it's like 'oh, whatevs.'
3. Lady Gaga's performance: Hit or miss?
- HIT! I'm not a fan really, but it totally worked with the story and everything-fantastic
4. Whose decision making is worse, Serena or Jenny?
- In terms of the good of the show itself they were both great decisions. But lets pretend this is real life and not GGland, and I'll say that it was Jenny's. Have a nice time in rehab, little J.
5. How awesome is Chuck?
- I guess he was kind of awesome, but come on. He's turned into the freaking Wizard of Oz this season. How did he get this wise? Nonetheless, I liked it.
BONUS QUESTION: Which couple would you prefer to see, Serenate or Stripp?
- Stripp for a while, because lets face it we need some actual OMFG moments (and actual ones, not vuck ones). But i really loved serenate this episode-amazing-so yeah, them in the long run.
SIDENOTE: Werent you kinda cringing when the start of the ep showed like vanessa and olivia making out and dan inbetween. This is GG, not 'Three's a Crowd, But Who's Counting?'

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