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I definitely prefer Serenate !!! Strip is WRONG, people!

So, Serena's choice is worse than Jenny's, at least Jenny is still a teenager, she has a kind of excuse....

And yes, Chuck i absolutely fabulous. I love the way the character is written, and the way Ed is performing. Even if he's changed a lot, he is very believable. Plus 10 for Chuck ;)


To all who were confused by the 'returning to NBC' comment, it was a ref to the (freaking hilarious and brilliant) show that is called just 'Chuck' which Josh Swartz (GG producer etc) is a co-creater of and was going to be cancelled after season 3 but has thankfully been renewed for a third season next year due to loyal fans =] you should check it out, you'll be rolling on the floor with laughter!


Does no one think it is EXTREMELY WEIRD, even for always-confused Nate, to fall in love with Serena again within 24 hours???
It just came out of nowhere, it's so unrealistic. And predictable, as soon as they got back together I knew they'd start talking about the Shepherd wedding and the masked ball and everything...

So, I guess I made up my mind! No Serenate for me :)


i loveee chuck, we need to see more of him though, but i like serena and tripp, i just think tripp is hot! (so is nate but still stripp, funny name)


Everyone keeps saying how Serena's such a heartless bitch for leaving Nate, but I mean COME ON. Forget Chace Crawford's prettiness for a second and think- what would you have done?
You're hurting because you have to avoid the guy you feel something for, and all of a sudden another guy comes up and declares his love for you, someone who you hadn't had feelings for in quite a while! Then the guy you like comes back into the picture and it seems like there's a possibility you two can be together. In all honesty, would you go with the guy you LIKE, or someone that, although you had feelings for in the past, you don't like anymore as anything more than a friend? I don't think many would choose the second.
And yes, she was about to kiss him, but you also have to realise, she had been DRINKING, and everything was fuzzy.

THAT SAID, I absolutely LOVE Serenate. I'd never really paid them that much attention, but now I just think they will make THE cutest couple ever! Argh, can't wait!


DANdy: Very. I'm so excited it's coming back to NBC!

= LOL. Awesome answer!




I don't care about Stripp but TRIPPPPPPPPPP!
Well just Aaron Tveit.


is it just me, or is dan becoming kind of a tool? i mean really? "her o face didn't really do it for me?" i understand thats what he may be thinking, but you dont admit something like that. he sleeps with 2 girls, and expects to be made a God, when really he was an idiot. i hope he losses both girls and gets knocked off his pedastool.


I liked a lot of Blair's quotes in this episode and they are officially beteaing chuck's one quoete LOOL ..


1. "I'm Chuck Bass. Even Europeans must know what that means."
2. hell no i never liked her -.-
3.hit it was classic lady gaga

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