Melrose Place Review: "Gower"

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Paging Heather Locklear: can you get to Melrose Place even earlier than November 17? The show really needs you.

Last night's episode, "Gower," highlighted a few of the show's weaker points and characters. Click on the title of the episode for a recap and read below for our expanded take on the installment...

Just fire them now: Like Grey's Anatomy, Melrose Place now has the problem of real-life events blurring on-camera plot developments. It was difficult enough to take any scene with Colin Egglesfield or Ashlee Simpson seriously before, due to their acting. Now that we know they're leaving the show? Any time spent on Auggie and Violet feels like a waste.

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Just break-up already: How long will the show drag out the relationship between Jonah and Riley? The love birds were clearly doomed from the start, but a couple of kisses - followed by guilt-ridden reactions - is not what we signed on for with Melrose Place! Give us sex, give us dark, dirty secrets. Don't give us seemingly realistic problems between two seemingly nice, normal characters.

No more crying for David: Unless writers were hoping viewers would laugh at David's cascade of tears while kneeling over his mother's grave, let's hope Shaun Sipos sticks to brooding in the future.

The bright, hot spot: Katie Cassidy can act. She's believable as Ella, who also happens to be the best character on the show. She's shrewd when she needs to be, but she has a soft spot for her friends when it matters. The discovery of Lauren's big secret was handled well, as is the relationship between these two. Heck, even Stephanie Jacobsen can kind of act.

Did you like the episode? Review a few Melrose Place quotes from it below as you decide...

Riley: I feel like we're on two trains going in totally opposite directions. It's bigger than Auggie or Kendra. | permalink
Lauren: What are you doing?
Ella: I was gonna ask you the same thing, Pretty Woman. | permalink
Ella: No more putting that crap up your nose. Otherwise, your gonna have a powder lunch with River Phoenix. | permalink
Ella: Gossip may be my bread and butter at work. But, off duty, I can actually keep a secret. | permalink

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