Gossip Girl Spoilers: Is Chuck's Mother Alive?

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If many fans aren't feeling the same love for the Upper East Siders this year, the creative powers behind Gossip Girl are well aware, according to E! Online.

"They're bringing back the OMG," an insider reports.

How will they do that? Well, we already known John Robert Burke (Bart Bass) will be coming back to Gossip Girl, and that "he'll be a ghost" of some kind.

Here's where it gets interesting, however. It turns out Chuck may have a "dead" parent who might not be so dead. You thinking what we're thinking?

"There's a huge storyline later this season that is going to blow you away," promises a source. "And it involves Chuck, Jack Bass and Chuck's mother."

The Bass Man

Will we meet the woman who brought Chuck into the world?

Also making a comeback? Serena's father. Says the source:

"We will see him this season. But he hasn't been cast yet."

Whoever it is, he's going to bring with him another major story arc and trouble for Rufus Humphrey. Meanwhile, you can expect Chair to heat up again.

As for Olivia (Hilary Duff), she is officially off the series for good, leaving Dan all by his lonesome to get together with BFF (with benefits) Vanessa.

Finally, long-held feelings Nate has had for Serena (don't forget the drama that started the series) will add deep emotion to their upcoming pairing.

Thoughts? Criticism? Happiness? Comment away!

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Elise of the upper east side

amanda...if chucks mom didn't really die giving birth to him, why would bart tell chuck that? he was pretty much heartless but he wouldn't make up something that evil. and if bart was a business tycoon, wouldn't it be easy to tell if she died giving birth to chuck or in a car crash (like chuck told dan later on)? just google it!


I'll bet anything that Jack is Chuck's real father. It's just so GG.


You have to remember that when chuck and dan were in jail and talking about his mom about how she died giving birth to him but how do u know that, that was the truth and that Bart maybe has been lying to chuck the while time becuase maybe his mom did not want to be part of his life so told Bart to tell chuck that she was dead.think about that.


I am 99.9% sure that Posh Spice wont be playing Chucks mom. I found her saying this, "I'd rather play his ex-love interest,� when asked about playing Chucks long lost mother. The idea of her playing long-lost mother was quickly vetoed by the writers. I think she will just be doing a regular cameo.


Has anyone seen Youtube: L526 LARRY HOLZER Reports 10/20/09 from 3.58. No wonder the shows disjointed, how long did it take to get that shot? Blake looks so bored and there seems no interaction between the stars. How can they concentrate with all those paps around? Funny comment about the chair!!! though, go and see:)


OMG I will switch off if Victoria Beckham plays Chuck's mum. She can't even act like a human being!


I so agree with you Elise of the Upper East side and Jo-mama.
They so missed the point I do really hope thye are reavaluating. Please salvage this previously amazing show!


okay i doubt she is still alive think about it if she was chuck would know by now i think it will be jack there and that he will try to tare chuck and blair apart what i dont like about this season is everyone is getting together by the end and its kinda boring the fighting and cheating was what makes it fun i mean the chuck and blair fights made last season amazing


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... ^ Pictures for The Debarted w/ Chuck&Bart!


Originally, I thought the idea of Jack being Chuck's father was gross (and it still is). But now that I consider it, it would actually fit with the storyline- and, what a shocker -be OMG worthy. Let's consider:
(1) Chuck's mom actually dies giving birth to him. Makes sense (they did change things in the pilot- after all, it was a pilot. But still, I think it would make more sense for Chuck's mother to be dead. Serena's father coming back out of the blue is enough; we don't need two previously MIA parents showing up out of nowhere. Too unbelievable).
(2)If Jack WAS Chuck's father...consider the potential implications. Like other readers have already said, it would explain Bart's love/hate (mostly dislike) relationship with Chuck. Also, if Chuck's mother cheated on Bart with Jack, that would upset Bart even more. Bart appeared to have loved his wife dearly, and would be devastated by her betrayal. He'd also have difficulty dealing with Chuck, as he's half the product of his beloved wife and half the product of Jack, Bart's decidedly less than beloved brother.
(3) If Jack was Chuck's father, then his repeated attempts to take over Bass Industries would actually make more sense. Jack is older than Chuck, so theoretically, the company SHOULD have passed to him first (except for Bart's leaving it specifically to Chuck). But if Jack knew the entire time that he WAS Chuck's father and should have had the company first...well. That would cause major scandal, never mind major drama.
(4) Bart already had secrets. He kept his less-than-legal activities hidden. Jack having a bastard child with his wife would (a) be devastating to business and (b) an embarassment he'd never live down. So, obviously, he'd take the child as his own and send Jack off to Australia- way too far to do any more damage.
(5) Blair sleeping with Chuck's father, and being in a relationship with Chuck. That would definitely be OMFG-worthy. And let's face it...Chuck and Blair need some drama, love them though I do. And Chuck hates Jack anyway. Finding out his (real) father slept with the love of his life might just make him go crazy. Plus there's the whole alpha-male thing. Chuck would be ridiculously hot acting like that!
(6) Posh Spice? Really? ...I like the Spice Girls as much as anyone, but please keep the guest stars off my show. And like readers have already said, what are they going to do with her? Keep her for a few episodes then kick her to the curb? Way to be pointless. Other things I'd like to see/demands I have:
(1) More Dorota. Period.
(2) Eric needs to be on more, and not fight with Jenny.
(3) Someone throw Vanessa off a cliff please. Her and Dan? Honestly? How boring can you get? ...maybe the writers could just send her to Africa in order to make a "documentary" on the lives of tribesmen there. How very Brooklyn and avant-garde of her.
(4) I'd like to see more of Jenny (minus racoon make-up and fishnets)in her role as queen (we need more Upper East Side). Less of a bitch though. More just...coming into her own. It would be very intriguing to her see balancing queendom with being a young, up and coming fashion designer. I think that would make her undisuputed queen of Manhattan, and give her a bunch of drama to deal with.
(5) I'd also love to see Jenny and Nate again. I know Taylor Momsen's young, but Jenny and Nate had fantastic chemistry.
(6) Serena actually being consistent. If she's going to defer admission to Brown, give her a good internship. Also, have her break up with Tripp. He's a good character, but Serena cannot possibly be THAT stupid as to date a married man (I hope). Serena either needs to develop legitimate caring about Carter (she forgot him pretty fast), or have a love triangle with Nate and Jenny. Oh. I can see the drama already!
(7) If Jenny becomes an up and coming fashion designer, Eleanor should have Serena model for her line again. They'd fight for Nate set against the backdrop of the fashion world. How cool would that be?
(8) Where ARE Eleanor and Cyrus? Not that they should be the focus of the show or anything, but they're cute to watch. And if we're going to see Rufus and Lily, I want to see Eleanor and Cyrus.
(9) Blair needs to become queen again. Now. Jenny needs to defer to her (if Jenny's queen, Blair's empress). Blair should end up being empress of NYC, not just NYU. Since Blair also showed up the drama majors at NYC, I think she should change her major (whatever her major is) to drama. She can begin by being queen of them, star in an Off-Broadway show, and get her own spotlight for once (I am not suggesting a musical episode. I just think Blair should rise above).
(10) Can we at least find out what happened to Scott? Just to close up that plot line.
(11) I hated Aaron too. But did he fall off a cliff as well? Can Cyrus just MENTION him to close up that plot line?
(12) Eric and Jonathon need to get back together.
(13) Dorota and Vonya need to get together.
(14) Chuck and Blair must be made steamy again. They haven't had a sex scene in ages.
(15) Who's Blair's roommate now that Georgina's off with the "prince?" Just curious. Writers, please pay attention. :) Just my humble suggestions...:P

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