Dexter Review: "Lost Boys"

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There was a race against the clock this week on Dexter, as a young boy was abducted and Dexter used every means necessary to track him down.

Just two weeks from the finale, this episode mostly moved various people into place for the pulsating conclusion to a great season.

Sure, it was interesting to learn that Trinity actually kills four people in his cycle (do we refer to him as "Quartet" now?), but that fact didn't reveal too much new information about Arthur Mitchell. We already knew he was a murderous quack that has serious family issues.

For the most part, "Lost Boys" served to set up a major confrontation between Dexter and Arthur over the next couple weeks. We somehow doubt they'll be going on any more peaceful trips as friends.

Arthur and Christine
Father Time

Following last week's stunning revelation that Christine is actually Arthur's daughter, her storyline felt like a letdown. It was rushed, as she simply spilled everything to her dad during one scene and was in police custody by the end of the episode.

While fans of the series would typically expect Trinity to end up on Dexter's killing table by the conclusion of the season, we're not so sure.

Various spoilers have hinted a shocking turn of upcoming events; moreover, John Lithgow is so creepy and incredible in his role, the show may very well wish to keep open the possibility of bringing him back.

One thing is for sure: we'll be watching to find out! What did you think of this week's episode?

A few great quotes from the hour, courtesy of the Dexter cast, are listed below:

Deb: Where you off to?
Dexter: Kill a guy you're looking for. Save a kid. Remember to pick up diapers. | permalink
Deb: Ever hear of a comb? Looks like you have a cat on your head. | permalink
Dexter: He's never taken a child before.
Harry: That you know of. If this is new, it's on you. | permalink

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I know that look. I'm not the only one on a stalk.


Dexter: He's never taken a child before.
Harry: That you know of. If this is new, it's on you.