Bored to Death Review: "The Case of the Stolen Sperm"

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When Ray realizes that the lesbian couple he has been helping get pregnant disappear, he enlists the help of Jonathan to crack the missing couple case.

So far in Bored to Death, it seems like the main weapon or secret gadgetis in fact, marijuana. This week they use pot in order to find out where the couple lives. Lucky break or is this a reoccurring theme? I think the writers are definite pro-legalizers.

It's pretty funny stuff that Ray realizes he has been duped by a masterminding pair of lesbians - that tugged on his heart strings. Then to find out that almost all of his sperm were blanks - genius thinking to make the last name on the list of lesbian couples pregnant.

The reaction of the pregnant lesbo made the show. Why would anyone be so upset to find out that a good-looking, smart and successful comic artist - that Ray is - is the father?

George really is the most lovable bonehead on the show. He is constantly doing things to make us question if he really has any brain cells left or if he has smoke/drank them all away. Putting the demeaning article in his paper is pure comic genius and it sets us up for next week's season finale.

The Case of the Stolen Sperm has been the funniest episode to date and with only one episode left of the series, we can only imagine the antics that these three will get into.

Bored to Death Scene

Everyone seemed to be saying great quotes this week. A few of our personal favorites:

Ray: I can't believe I shot thirty blanks - I'm a sterile loser. | permalink

Suzanne: Your sperm is my sperm. | permalink

Jonathan: (realizing that they got caught breaking and entering by some Rabbi's) Hey - it's okay! I'm Jewish! | permalink

Ray: When I get high I realize that I clench my anus. | permalink

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Bored to Death Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

When I get high I realize that I clench my anus.


I like a man who carries a one-hitter.

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