Warning: Major True Blood Spoilers Ahead!

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You've bee warned, True Blood fans.

While the series doesn't return with new episodes for many months, E! News has uncovered casting calls and spoken with sources that can confirm a few, significant season three spoilers.

Here's an early look at what fans can expect in the summer of 2010:

New Vampires: Season two ended with Bill getting kidnapped. Viewers will meet the people behind that act early in season three: a vampire named Talbot, who is dating the king of Mississippi; and a quaint old Southern lady named Olivia. Other new blood suckers will include Franklin Mott, who forms feelings for Tara.

Sookie the Bridesmaid

Sam's Shape-Shifting Sibling: The season three premiere is titled "A Pack of Wolves." During the episode, we'll travel to Arkansas and meet Tommy Mickens, Sam little brother.

More Women for Jason: This is far from a groundbreaking spoiler, we know. But insiders say viewers should prepare for the possibility that Jason's new coeds are... zombies!

A New Woman for Eric: Sorry, ladies, but Eric will be taken to start season three. He'll be involved with Yvette, a Czech-born stripper at Fangtasia.

Sons of True Blood? Taking a page from Sons of Anarchy, a gang of bikers will make their violent presence felt in Bon Temps. They'll attack vampires, feeding their V addiction and causing all kinds of havoc.

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Pam: She smells.
Sookie: Is that bad?
Pam: Can't imagine it's good.

Shit happens Holly, you clean it up.


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