Monday on Gossip Girl: Celebrity Madness and More

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Episode four of Gossip Girl is going to be a celebrity bonanza, as we know.

According to E! Online, Hilary Duff arrives on the NYU scene to canoodle with Penn Badgley's Dan Humphrey (the episode is titled "Dan de Fleurette") and both Tyra Banks and designer Tory Burch are guest starring as well.


Because Serena (Blake Lively) gets a gig as a celebrity publicist and, while working a movie premiere, finds herself in the company of these magazine-cover staples.

Perhaps they can tell her how to get more celebrity gossip attention?

Ed Westwick and Taylor Momsen

Meanwhile, another photo from behind the scenes of "Dan de Fleurette" shows Taylor Momsen's Little J and Ed Westwick's Chuck Bass spending time together.

What could possibly lead to such a unlikely conversation? Well, it's Gossip Girl, so it makes sense that a shady plot has brought them together (see video clip).

From everything we've heard, Little J and Chuck are up to no good - they need each other for a scheme - and when Blair finds out, she may well blow a gasket.

Are you excited for Tyra and Hilary on Gossip Girl? Or are they just stealing screen time from Chair? What are Chuck and Jenny scheming about? What do you think of Serena's daddy-please-call-me plans?


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CHAIR is awesome... but GG needs to bring SERENATE back! ;)


Wow, I've read it all now. Everyone let's bow our heads and thank Chair for keeping GG alive, and forget the other cast members and couples who have helped make this show a success, LMAO. Man some of these Chair fans are totally delusional.


I have to say what leads to every shows demise is focusing in a particular couple, while neglecting other characters. It alienates the audience, which is diverse and has a wide range of tastes.
It will be the end of the show, if they continue to focus mainly in Chuck and Blair- ratings are already dwindling. I have to say that my favorite story line of the show was the Jenny/Nate/fashion designer. It was something different and exciting. I was eager to watch, and disappointed on how easily the writers gave up on the conflict Jenny's pursuit of fashion and relationship with Nate created. Interestingly enough, those episodes were some of the highest rated of the show. I hope the writers take some more risks because there job is not to give us what we say we want, but to create for us something we didn't know we wanted- that's what keeps people watching.


I must say, Jenny's dress is pretty. But she looks like a coked-up hooker cabbage patch doll.


Ooh. Love the Chuck/Jenny scene. He makes a good older brother - and the fact that the whole reason he's doing this is to 'help' Blair makes it that much more brilliant.


If Chair was NOT on gossip girl, do you think this show would have even made it this far? Didn't think so. And as for Jenny, she's just plain annoying. along with vanessa. They're completely pointless


I love Chair and I wish they had more screen time. Chair is the only reason too i watch GG, if it's not for them, i wont be obssessed about GG.


dislike tyra banks but hilary duff may be ok... we'll see how she does on monday!

Love s

and of course Serena and Nate with all my heart ♥

Love s

I don't like chair for all the freaky chair fans :S, I start to look the show for Ed/Chuck and Blake/Serena (I see them together in a promotional pic and I think than they are really hot). until the end of season 1 I love everyone, But later the overload chair and their freaky fans, YES! they than think chair is the show and every else is lame and without them the show is over and all that stuff and think that other posibilities couples is stupid like Dair, Chenny (this i think is weird), Chuck-Serena (also weird but hot! my guilty pleasure), Chuck-Vanessa, remember than the show is everyone with everyone (or something like that i read one time) and more especial the show is about Blair and Serena friendship and her lifes, ***NO CHAIR*** so stop trying to kill Serena or even Vanessa, she is nice in this season give her a chance! yeah I know, Chair is an epic couple but that's it, if you want more time for them, wait for the producers to do a spin off about them! Pd: Sorry for my bad english :'(
pd2: I don't want offend anyone.


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