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Peter: Started the season as a paramedic, using his ability to save people. Currently: a paramedic, using his ability to save people.

Samuel: Started the season as the mysterious leader of a carnival, whose mission appeared to be gathering up the Heroes. Currently: the mysterious leader of a carnival, whose mission appears to be gathering up the Heroes.

Claire: Started the season as a freshman at college, trying to fit in and make friends. Currently: a freshman at college, trying to fit in and make friends.

Hiro: Started the season with a terminal illness and dedicated himself to time traveling in order to change lives. Currently: has a terminal illness and has dedicated himself to time traveling in order to change lives.

So, you've decided to list basic demographic information about the characters and consider it their storyline? You want character development, then realize something: characters have real lives! They have consistency! What happens in the storyline is meant to be outside their real lives, and then those careers and long-term goals shade their viewpoint towards each new obstacle.

You presented a problem about the whole idea of the heroes being safe and how it conflicted with all last season, and I'm afraid you're missing the point. Last season was large-scale operation. It was about paranoia and "national security" issue. In many cases, it seemed that the public may be fine with the specials, even if the government was trying to hunt them down. This last episode brought to light that it's more than they're dangerous, but the very fact that they're different will ignite discrimination. Laramie Project style. Fugitives made the assumption that everything will be fine if they can just live their lives in secrecy, but this season places an eye on the possibility that they may be able to live their lives openly and free from torment.

If you're confused by the Parkman/Sylar storyline, then I wouldn't consider yourselves as smart as you think you are. It's a fairly simple idea to wrap your brain around. And by the way, THESE ARE SUPERPOWERS! Just because things don't happen the exact same way in other situations where powers have been used in different mediums doesn't mean it's impossible or improbable that it had a different effect in this show. The freaking point of super powers is to accomplish to impossible. It makes sense that it is possible for such a thing to happen considering Matt's power, Sylar's twisted soul, and what he attempted to do, so stop bitching.


Couldn't have said it better F.D. this season really has been good and each week I want to see the next episode even more. The preview for "once upon a time in texas" looks sweet with Samuel somehow helping Hiro and a possible showdown with the old Sylar?? looks very very interesting


Well put, F.D., well put indeed.


Do you guys copy paste your introduction text?

I know that will sound like an angry fanboi, but very single of your review begins with "we don't like to complain, but..." and ends with "the writers should...".

Season 3 was too fast paced for your liking, "we need more character development." you said. Now you get character development and cry that the storyline doesn't progress fast enough... Man, they got 1h per week to give us. This season has so much going on that some characters would feel left-out even if writers gave us 3 episodes per week.

Slow development allows this season to go SOMEWHERE. It's fine to be frustrated because writers are still teasing us with Samuel's real goal. But what I'm trying to say is that if it doesn't make you even more impatient to see the next episode, then you should stop claiming that you like the show.

How has the show evolved yet?Sylar now controls Matt, while "Nathan" keeps hanging on despite his blank state. Peter is slowly becoming less opportunist and more empathic again. HRG tries really hard to become a better version of the Company Man (and it's not easy). We know Samuel is on the verge of going all-out on non-specials, I wouldn't even be surprised if he gather carnies in preparation for some kind of open conflict. Damn, even Claire is less annoying now that she seemingly grew up, but you've been too busy complaining about her lesbian kiss since the very first day the rumor came out, and still up to now, to consider it as an improvement.

Seriously. Sit back, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the show. You're missing out on an amazing seasons hiding behind your keyboard endlessly looking at negative aspects.


haha, give us a bit. Round Table is on the way!


WHERES THE ROUND TABLE GUYS!!! I want to see what other negatives we have to debate on---Bring it on Roundtable Writers!!!


Ok granted..Ive seen them contradict themselves as well espacially when they were talking about Claires blood in Tabula Rasa when it couldnt heal the cancer which all of season 2 was Claires blood stopping a virus..but ratings are going up and I dont think this is there last season. I think they have played the Matt and Sylar Storyline far enough and at this point I just want the Mental view of Sylar to return to his physical body so that They can finally FINISH HIM OFF. Samuel needs to reveal his plot VERY Soon, enough with the recruiting now. WHY THE FK DID THE WRITERS BRING BACK TIME TRAVEL!!!!!!!! They should have kept Mohinder and only had Hiro in like a few episodes because he just doesnt grow up.

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