Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Mark's Mystery Woman

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We've hinted for some time at a rough patch on the way for Mark and Lexie. But here's another piece of the puzzle courtesy of Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly.

See what you make of this item ...

Q: I love Grey’s Anatomy but what’s this I hear about trouble on the horizon for Mark and Lexie? Who is this supposed mystery woman from Mark’s past?

A: From what I've gathered thus far, I believe she hails from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and has McSteamy DNA coursing through her veins.

Thoughts? Theories? Share!

Mark Sloan, M.D.

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You're right. Thank you for correcting me. Well, in that case, I guess we've got Miss McSteamy on our hands!


L, It's not the same. In ER, Sarah isn't Tony's daughter. Remember they did the paternity test later and resulted negative, which prompted the grandparents to sue for full custody. Even if GA decides to go with the daughter storyline, it wouldn't be the same.


It wouldn't be his daughter because ER already did that with John Stamos's character.


Call me crazy, but I think Mark's manwhoring days are coming back to haunt them.. :[
It's bad enough Crowen's having troubles, now Mexie?


about hope comment,
I miss the old sloan, I'd would like they make him better (no whoring thing) but being more himself and with short beard please and about lex working in plastic I'm with MerDerIsTrueLove, and moreover cristina was glued" to burke too sorry for my english


Sister or daughter, but probably sister because it would add a new level to mark since we know little about his childhood or family.


And if this 18 year old is really his daughter. There will be six years of age differance between Lexie [her dad's girlfriend] and her lol.


My first thought was: "Omg he has a fricking kid!" It must be a daughter... McSteamy DNA, can't mean his sister! Must be a kid... The manwhore days of old are catching up with him! Hope it doesn't spoil what Mark and Lexie have, they're my fave couple! :D


Sloan is getting all gooey and becoming a nicer person since his relationship with Lex. maybe that's too conventional a character for GA, Sloan was interesting when he was horrid to the interns and residents, but loathsome at times


hope, I think that Lex is interested in Plastics.. or maybe Mark himself wants her on his service often.. remember Meredith in the early seasons.. always working with Derek[especially in s1], much to Bailey's dislikes.. and she still work with him often, more than other services. AnD I am with you on Mark asked Lexie too early to move in with him. I hope whoever is coming do not damage the Mexie relationship. I love them together. And Mark isn't a manwhore anymore, he grown so much and he is a better man:)

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