Dollhouse: Very Close to Cancellation

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Many viewers were shocked to learn that Fox picked up Dollhouse for a second season.

Now, those same viewers better enjoy what remains of this drama while they can: there's little doubt at this point it will be shut down after completing its 13-episode order.

Echo and Boyd

Sources have confirmed that the network won't air a single Dollhouse episode during November sweeps. It will return in December, air back-to-back episodes on Friday nights and then almost definitely go off the air.

A silver lining, at least? Followers of creator Joss Whedon can turn in next year when he directs an installment of Glee.

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Dollhouse Quotes

If you have everything, you want something else. Something more extreme. Something more specific. Something perfect.

Paul Ballard

You ever try to clean an actual slate? You always see what was on it before.