Bored to Death Review: "The Case of The Lonely White Dove"

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In this week's episode of Bored to Death, it is amazing to see the transformation of Jonathan. He now looks more-so-than-ever as a Private Eye that should be on some other show like Mad Men. I kinda wish he would be smoking his wacky tobacco out of a Sherlock Homes pipe instead of his one hitter.

Jonathan helps a Russian ex-con, Dimitri, find the woman of his dreams - who only goes by the name of "The Lonely White Dove." Dimitri looks like he belongs in Goodfellas. The Russian Restaurant also has the mafia vibe going on and one thing you learn from this week's episode is that the Russian's are a force to be reckoned with.

George is the comic relief this week. He is up to his crazy antics again in finding a way to boost his magazine sales. His shrink believe that is is best for him to go gay to get in tune with his feminine side. So he hires a beautiful black male escort (Yay! Conrad from Weeds!) to help him become bi.

Bored to Death still has the ability to surprise us and so far nothing is of the norm – which is a pleasant eye-opener for television shows these days. Now that you've heard our take, what's yours? Read our full recap to a rundown of this week's crazy episode!

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Below, check out some of the funniest Bored to Death quotes:

Jonathan: Is vodka really made from potatoes? | permalink

Jonathan: Sorry, George, what's up?
George: What if I do this and I don't come back?
Jonathan: What do you mean?
George: Tha-- that I turn completely gay.
Jonathan: Well, then it was meant to be.
George: (sighs) You know what, you're absolutely right! | permalink

Jonathan: I'm really hung over from that vodka.
Ray: Well, you gotta write something. I did my best work hung over. I have less brain cells to confuse the issue. | permalink

Jonathan: Is vodka really made from potatoes? | permalink

Dimitri: (to Jonathan) I hope your heart is broken many times because it means you would have loved many times. | permalink

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Bored to Death Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

(to George) If you want to open your mind... don't think in terms of male and female. I mean, it's binary. It's-- it's boring. How about no definition?


Jonathan: How long were you with her?
Dimitri: One night.
Jonathan: Just one night?
Dimitri: Oh, one night, if the love is perfect, is all you need.
Jonathan: Hmm.
Dimitri: Also, I was arrested the next day.