Supernatural Season Premiere Clip, Preview of the Apocalypse

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What will 2014 look like for the Winchester brothers? We've got some ideas, thanks to Supernatural creator Eric Kripke.

Below, he speaks to TV Guide Magazine about the fifth season of his hit CW show - which premieres on September 10 - while a video gives fans a sneak peek at the opening episode and a certain new admirer of Sam...

On a certain major character: God will be a character on Supernatural this season. He’s vanished from Heaven, which is why the Angels have taken over the joint, but we’re planning on God’s return, probably around the end of the season.

On Castiel: Cass returns to the show as a hunted fugitive. All of Heaven is out to kill him. Some of his powers are beginning to fade. In short, he’s totally boned. But on top of that, he has an interesting story arc. Now that he’s cut off from heaven, he’s learning more and more, how to be human.

On the approaching Apocalypse: Well, that's the tension of the season. Things start bad - North Korea's arming up, swine flu rips across the country, hurricanes slam into American cities - oh wait, all that is going on now. But seriously, we start bad and get worse. And the big question is, can Sam and Dean short-circuit the Apocalypse, before the planet is roasted alive?

In an earlier interview, Kripke has referred to this as the "war everyone's been waiting for." It begins next week...

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