Supernatural Quotes, Music from "Good God, Y'all!"

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On the latest episode of Supernatural, Rufus called in Bobby, Sam, and Dean to deal with a demon infestation. But the truth was actually far more complicated, and horrifying, than mere demons run amuck.

Meanwhile, Castiel sought the only entity out there that could defeat Lucifer.

Sticking 'Em Up

We're collected the top Supernatural quotes from the hour, as well as made music from the episode available to purchase. Enjoy both these features right now.

Dean: So, pit stop on Mount Doom? | permalink
Dean: You're gonna go out there again?
Sam: Well, crap doesn't hit the fan with coffee breaks. | permalink
Dean: God?
Castiel: Yes.
Dean: God?
Castiel: Yes. He isn't in Heaven. He has to be somewhere.
Dean: Try New Mexico. I hear he's on a tortilla.
Castiel: No, he's not on any flatbread. | permalink
War: Honestly, people don't need a reason to kill each other. I mean, you seen the Irish? They're all Irish. | permalink

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Supernatural Quotes

Dean: Where am I going?
Sam: Dean, it's Valentine Day. Your favorite holiday, remember? I mean, what do you always call it - uh, Unattached Drifter Christmas?

Just because you're blood doesn't mean you're family. You have to earn it.