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1.b:are you okay C:i am now...so cute love those 2 (L)
2. georgina definatley but i love her character
3.serena blowing off brown i mean whats wrong with her! :S:S
4. 5 she was good this week just i kind of wish she did less
5.not! though i think they need to get it out of there systems \


1. "dan's a Writer?"
2. Georgina She's certifiable, thats why we love her.
3. Chuck's meetings...Too business like for at night...night time is usually when you entertain prospects....then talk business during business hours.
4. 8 She had some good lines...She almost looked like she was starting to see BS alarm when Georgie was paying her that complment on the video.
5. Hot for a short term hook-up...and I know Dan will be kicking himself for doing it...which he should...
Bonus: I have to say..Nate and the new girl...they are so flat!!! I just don't know what can be done about him...he is so cute, but his SL's always SUCK!


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
Chuck at the end "I am now" I know Im a sap

2. Who do you trust least, Carter, Scott or Georgina?
Carter,I just don't like him so much. I know minority but he seems likes he might hurt Serena or Serena might fall for whatever he's playing at. Not that he's not hot but i just don't trust him

3. Least realistic: Serena blowing off school for the heck of it, Chuck's meetings with bankers in inappropriate locations, or the entire college party scene?
Serena's is actually possible, I've seen it happen. Chuck is too... So that leaves the college party because I'm surprise no one wanted to fly off the roof

4. Rate Vanessa's uselessness this week on a scale of 1-10.
Hmm last week I gave her an 8 so this week I give her a... an 8 again.

5. Dangina: So hot, or so not?
Ok so I'm the minority but I love them ever since season 1. Yes I know that's sad. But I finally get to see them together so yay and so hot.

BONUS QUESTION: What have you liked and disliked most about the first two episodes this season?
I like Chair as a couple and I like newly reformed Dan. I loving Dangina (what an odd name). Dislike Vanessa praising (please almost everyone hates her) and Blair bashing. And what is with the the small Chair scenes?


1. Plenty to chose from, but I liked the Vanessa/Dan thing in the bookstore. "She's Georgina", "You're Dan", "you're Vanessa". "This is a fun game we are playing" Made me laugh :)

2. Scott is beoynd creepy, but I don't think he's evil. He might have a hidden agenda with Vanessa though.. Carter is a bad boy, but he actually seems to care about Serena. Georgina on the other hand, is a freakshow who I do not trust..!

3. This is Gossip Girl, everthing is realistic for them! ;)

4. I feel like the only one on this planet who actually like Vanessa. Loved her with Nate, not so much with Scott, she needs tof ind someone else, less feminine. But V is nice.

5. Dan and Georgina er just so NOT! Makes me sick to my stomach, except for Serena, dan has terrible taste in women. I hate seeing pics of him and Olivia (isn't that H. Duffs mane in GG?), but that might actually work out. But I want Dan and Serena back together -now!!

Liked: Blair & Chuck are supercute, impressed that these two can acutally have a somewhat normal relationship ;) To my big surprise, I actually like Serena and Carter together, altough I hope it's not gonna last too long ;p Dan is SO hot this season, and he deserves to be popular, he's a nice guy. And i like Rufus being a good male rolemodel for the VdV kids, they need it. I also like the fact that S & D still have a close relationship, althought I wish it would be like girlfriend/boyfriend, not as stepsiblings.

Disliked: Nate and Bree -that thing just doesn't do it for me, it's boring, and it doesn't fit with anything else happening on the show. Georgina can just get the h.. out of here (although I must admit, Michelle T is a damn good actress!). Scott is the weirdest guy ever, he and G should hook up and then leave. Serena needs to get her life back on track, the poor girl is a mess (but Blake is unbelievebly beautiful this season). And I want S & D to be together!


i loved the fact that the party scene used leighton meester's song. although it was quite ironic that she was the one being left out at that scene.


where was DANdy?!


Favorite quote: A mix between Vanessa's, "That's... awesome?", Blair's, "Dan's a writer?", and her, "You were right about the dorms. The lighting is awful." This episode had great dialogue. I can't believe I liked a V quote, but...

Trust least: Carter and Georgina. Mostly Georgina, though. I mean, I love a little trouble to spice up GG, because without drama, this show is nothing. But I'm slightly worried about what Georgina's going to do. I don't really need to elaborate on that, do I? And Carter... I just never have trusted him, not since season one.

Least realistic: The rooftop party. Not only would they be caught for underaged drinking, the police would have been up there in a millisecond. Gossip Girl's version of a university college is quite amusing.

Vanessa: However much I hate her, I'll have to settle for a 10. I know, it's pretty low. But she gave me a good laugh this episode - albeit, her annoyingness outweighed it. Her facial expression over Blair/Georgina was priceless.

Dangina: Mixed feelings. I found it odd that I wasn't really so torn up about it; I'm a Derena-shipper, but I'm mourning for my ship, soo... I'd like to say it's a nottie. I don't like Dan and Georgina. Simple as that.

Like: Blair realizes that Chuck was right. That lighting was awful. /: And, her realizing that she can't rule as queen at NYU, and the scene where she looked back at the party with the forlorn face. It was realistic.

Dislike: Dan's popular now? I love Dan, but I loved him as the brooding, unpopular guy that wrote little poems and stories about Serena and made fun of the popular crowd. Now... hm, I don't really like it.


Favorite quote: everything Blair said this episode.

Trust least: Carter. We know he's the evil anti-Chuck-Bass. And we know he was the "Van der Woodsen" approved alternative to Dan, once upon a time. Meaning that he's disaster for Serena! As long as she's with him, I think we will continue to see her acting foolishly.

Least realistic: Serena blowing off school. I've seen kids do this sort of crash and burn with the snooty college, but it usually happens sometime after the first few days, not before they ever get there! Blair's behavior is even more unrealistic, though.

Vanessa: harmless this episode and even amusing. I blame her embrace of Georgina over Blair on the subconscious jealousy-over-Chuck residuals.

Dangina: not hot but still entertaining. They need to make clear that Dan is knowingly hitting it with a girl he dislikes and thinks is insane. This tells us something crucial about Dan. Remember how he used Chuck for his story, and how he was ready to cut off Serena's friendship just because highschool was over. He's the most Machiavellian "insider" of them all, underneath this nice guy mask. I did LOVE that Blair thought she was dealing with Georgina as a social rival, but then realized DAN was her opponent now!

Like: That Blair and Chuck are together and apparently will be for a while.

Dislike: They're losing the subtlety the characters used to have, in their roles as wealthy upper east siders. Chuck is Business Guy caricature, which is absurd. Blair didn't get to be Queen at Constance by being so overbearing and dense, either. She's the Shere Khan of her social world, not its Baloo, even if she's not on top. We saw her at rock bottom in Season 1, remember? She was never silly like this before. Serena usually balances being a self-absorbed bitch with being a sunny, likeable free spirit. So far she's just the self-absorbed bitch this season. If we're going to do that, fine, but could it at least be advancing another plot line? I'd like to see her make trouble for Bree and Nate, frankly, because that couple is already like cream of wheat.

Dan is basically the best thing going at the moment, and Georgina makes any scene worth watching.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
"I still hold him in my heart, but Jesus and I have redefined our relationship." (I think Jesus just might become my favorite GG character).

2. Who do you trust least, Carter, Scott or Georgina?
I thought the spoilers said that Scott was an OK guy. I think it's just the actor that's creepy. The whole point of Georgina is that she's an evil crazy bitch, which makes her the obvious choice (and this is why I love her.)

3. Least realistic: Serena blowing off school for the heck of it, Chuck's meetings with bankers in inappropriate locations, or the entire college party scene?
The college parties. Broke students LOVE free stuff. Especially free alcohol (I CANNOT stress this enough). And as for the Roof Party: Do they not have RAs or something?? I don't think the GG writers ever went to college...

4. Rate Vanessa's uselessness this week on a scale of 1-10.
She infuriated me for pretty much the entire episode (as per usual), but she DID make me laugh the one time. So 9.

5. Dangina: So hot, or so not?
Gross, but still entertaining. I love having more reasons to hate on Dan Humphrey.

BONUS QUESTION: What have you liked and disliked most about the first two episodes this season?
Like: the writers have finally answered our prayers about the whole CB thing.
Dislike: The total lack of Chair banter. I'm glad that everybody else loves the sappy moments, but their cruel wit was the reason I was cheering for them in the first place.


cb at the end so sweet!! I just want to go and slap serena in this episode (for the chuck thing). Vanessa wasn't so useless as always that's true but that guy scott really freaks me out!! Boring moments... vanessa and scott, bree and nate

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