First Grey's Anatomy Preview: "Good Mourning" / "Goodbye"

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We've read all the spoilers and episode summaries, and seen some fleeting glimpses of the new season via promos. But no real scenes from the sixth season premiere of Grey's Anatomy have been revealed for our enjoyment ... until this morning!

It's safe to say, after watching the clip from the Thursday, September 24 premiere below, that we won't have to wait long for quality MerDer love this season. Also, Seattle Grace's "other" newlyweds, Alex and Izzie, may be getting a change of address.

It's actually not clear which part of the two-part "event" this clip is from. It could be from "Goodbye," and not "Good Mourning." In any case, we think you'll enjoy it.

Check out the sneak preview clip below and share your comments!

[video url="" title="Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Premiere Sneak Peek"] [/video]

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LOL that's ok Amanda. Alex and Izzie make me really BORED, and George and Izzie always made me SMILE. That's what make things fun. People have different tastes.


OK, why don't we drop the Gizzie discussion? It always leads to fight. Many love them and many don't. I do, and I think they were the best thing to happen to Grey, but I respect the fact some don't agree. That respect should go both ways. I don't even get how we got on that discussion, but we should be discussing the SP. Let's agree to disagree. Thanks Anuflas for posting that quote. It made my week.


I'm not saying that George is a bad guy. I agree that he has been a great friend to Izzie but as a couple, they made me really BORED. In all honesty, I think all of the characters have done things recently that haven't really seemed like them at all.


He basically called Izzie a slut while he was sleeping with some else who was married. He broke up a marriage too, remember? And a marriage with a kid. I don't remember Alex being there at all for Izzie when George stayed with Callie. He only found out in season 4 when George had decided to leave Callie, so maybe we are not watching the same show? He was there for her after Denny died, but so was George. I could argue George was there for her more as George was the one lying down on that floor with her and George, not Alex, is the one she called when she had to listen to Denny's last message. George was also the first person that got her to laugh after Denny's death. George was terrified of losing Izzie too. We saw that in his scenes with Callie. Yet he didn't go yelling at her. The woman is dying. I was afraid for her when he was yelling like that. George was very sweet and tender with her and he was terrified. I don't think Alex is a bad guy. I think Izzie brings out the worst in him. He sees Izzie as this bright light who can save his soul and be his chance at salvation. George just sees Izzie and he loves her, big mouth and all, flaws and all. He didn,t expect ehr to save him. He just loved her and loved being with her. Izzie loves him the same way too. He got on her nerves at times, but she loved him unconditionally and he loved her like that too. Oh I don't excuse Izzie for the affair at all. I hated that. All the Gizzie fans hated that. But hey Meredith and Derek had two affairs, Richard and Ellis did too, Mark and Addison did, Callie slept with Mark moments after her first breakup with George, Alex slept with married Ava. They all did it, so I'm getting a bit sick and tired of only Izzie and George being blamed for it. And thsoe couples were all sober. Alcohol does make you do things you secretely want to do but would NEVER do if you were sober. I fully believe if they hadn't drunk, they would have resisted which is more than you can say for any of those other couples. I think their guilt about Callie and the affair had a lot to do with their bad sex experience after, and Shonda says so herself. Their guilt put too much pressure on them. At least they felt guilty for it. I actually thought Alex and Izzie had amazing chemistry in season 2. Not as much as Gizzie, but still really great one. I haven't seen it at all since they got back together though. The chemistry seems to have vanished, which is weird to me. I don't see it at all anymore. They just bore me.


I think its funny how people always want Alex to be the bad guy. He was there for Izzie when George chose to stay with Callie, he was there for her when Denny died, and he stayed beside her the whole time she was sick. If you ask me, that's love. He said mean things because he was scared. AND haven't we learned that over the course of the show that Alex always asks like an ass when he's scared of feels threatened. I think the finale showed just that. That's his character. And Izzie certainly isn't an angel. She broke up a marriage. If you have feelings for someone you should find a better way to show it then to get drunk and accidentally have sex. I think Alex definitely loves Izzie for who she really is. AND in my opinion, Alex and Izzie have AMAZING chemistry. BUT I guess we all have to agree to disagree.


My guess is that the sound is probably off on this clip, because it sometimes is. But, they probably recorded Ellen Pompeo's voice and used a body double because you never see her face. The reason for that is because she is extremely pregnant, and probably would not have been able to run up the stairs in that scene, and at the risk of showing her stomach. If that is the case, they are being smart. Wouldn't want Ellen or the baby to get hurt. I really could care less about what happens to Izzie and Alex. I want to know about Callie and Arizona. I really can't wait to see how Callie deals with all of this.


Ok all im saying is, they said, all da characters deal with da death in their own way, but doesnt iz bake all the time when she's mourning?? I jus think they disrespecting george's character.. They could've at least devoted da premiere 2 him, im all 4 merder action but dont we hav like a whole season 4 that?? No man....


Amanda, it's fine you didn't like Gizzie as a couple but you need to respect a lot of us do still love them and think their being togetehr was the best thing that happened on the show. If the Alex of the finale is a grown up Alex, that makes me shudder. Crying at a dying person and telling her he only married her because she was sign is no sign of maturity to me. I found it interesting that Shonda wrote that scene with George after showing how much better George was with her than Alex. My friend who is an AI fan said she finally believed me that George was better for Izzie, and they should have stayed together. In fact all season George was written as the much better man for Izzie, which I find it interesting since she is supposedly selling AI as true love. As someone said before, Katie doesn't play Izzie as as in love with Alex as she was with George and Denny. I don't know why, but she isn't. Seriously, I'm getting sick and tired of Alex either yelling at izzie or crying like a little baby. It doesn't come off as attractive at all. I'm a huge Alex fan but I hate him when he's with Izzie. George and Izzie were in love. Being in love makes you do things you'd never do. Just the fact they slept together while he was married showed they loved each other so much, they couldn't resist. Gizzie had a lot of haters, and a lot of fans. I don't think we will ever agree, but stop telling people not to whine. If Alex and Izzie ever break up, you wouldn't like someone telling you this. We Gizzie fans got pretty much screwed over because Shonda was a coward, but hey I still think the 4 or 5 scenes we got last season were better than any AI scene and I know Shonda loved Gizzie until the end. The way she wrote their scenes with so much tenderness is proof to that. She just doesn't write AI with the same love.


Well that's your opinion. Guys and girls can be friends. George and Mer are great as friends, not as more. But George and Izzie were amazing as a couple. You might not have liked them, but don't state this as fact. Many of us did and still do. Yes cheating was OOC but it just proved to me they were really totally in love if they would do something like this. The tequilla just showed their true feelings. Alex loves Izzie but to me, he doesn't really love the true her. He loves who she is to him.What she represents for him, his savior, the girl who can make him a better person. He doesn't love her for her. George does. He loves her because he thinks she's his shot at happiness and because he sees her as his guardian angel. George loved her flaws and all, and same for her with him. Alex doesn't and the minute she doesn't fulfill his ideal of her, he turns on her. Hence the horrible way he treated her in the finale. He loved her just as long as she made the decision that HE thought was right. George respected whatever decision she made. The finale truly showed Alex hadn't grown up. Besides, Alex is only nice with izzie and is only nice to her when she does what he wants her to do. He wasn't nice with her when she was with Denny and George. He didn't realize something was wrong with her while George did. He loves the image of her. Alex is really at his best with Mer and that's it. I don't think they are right for each other at all. Izzie doesn't love him close to what he loves her. He's either verbally abusive with her or acts like her little lapdog. He gets boring with her, and Izzie settled for him over Denny because he was alive and Denny was dead. No big love here. I always thought they brought out the very worst in each other while George and Izzie brought out the best.
I really hope they don't make it work. Izzie makes Alex boring and Alex makes her this alien person I can't root for. Plus they're boring and have zero chemistry. I'll always love Gizzie. They were so magical. They ruined all couples for me because no couple ever comes close.


Will the whining over Gizzie ever stop?? That relationship shouldn't have ever happened. It proved that guys and girls just can't be friends and I HATED that. I actually really loved George and Izzie's friendship but hated their relationship. It was a crap shoot from the beginning. George was completely out of character because he cheated on Callie. In my eyes, George never ever seemed like the kinda guy that would cheat regardless of the amount on tequila he ingested. I love Alex and Izzie together and hope they can make it work. I think that we never really got a good chance to see how strong Izzie's love for Alex was because she was too busy having a relationship with a dead guy. She did marry him and she said that she seems him in her future. Those two were always right for each other. Alex has grown up so much and his love for Izzie is strong. I think she is the only person who has ever taken the time to see who he really is and he is a good man!! I think they rushed into marriage but I sincerely hope they can make it work.

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