First Grey's Anatomy Preview: "Good Mourning" / "Goodbye"

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We've read all the spoilers and episode summaries, and seen some fleeting glimpses of the new season via promos. But no real scenes from the sixth season premiere of Grey's Anatomy have been revealed for our enjoyment ... until this morning!

It's safe to say, after watching the clip from the Thursday, September 24 premiere below, that we won't have to wait long for quality MerDer love this season. Also, Seattle Grace's "other" newlyweds, Alex and Izzie, may be getting a change of address.

It's actually not clear which part of the two-part "event" this clip is from. It could be from "Goodbye," and not "Good Mourning." In any case, we think you'll enjoy it.

Check out the sneak preview clip below and share your comments!

[video url="" title="Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Premiere Sneak Peek"] [/video]

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Here's SR tweet about EP's voice sounding weird: shondarhimes@kdamato What you are hearing is temp sound -- EP's voice was dubbed in later. Apparently after they posted this (which is odd)...grrr...13 minutes ago from web in reply to kdamato I guess the preview was released before it was fixed. Vanna, You're welcome. It's actually in the printed TV Guide. It was transcribed and posted in the ABC Message Boards. Here's the entire article (credit goes to mer_der_fan77 for doing it): NOTE: I only posted the Gizzie related part but it was an incomplete paragraph, now it's the entire thing. :) What's Next: The new season begins minutes after George's death and Izzie's miraculous recovery with two back to back episodes. "Good Mourning" and "Good Bye" both written by [Krista] Vernoff. "George is going to have a beautiful funeral," she says, hinting at lots of pass-the-kleenex moments. "This is wretched for Izzie, because George was her touchstone, the man she loved most of all, and for Meredith, who had that moment of total horror when she discovered his identity and had to let everyone know." Yet, she promises, there will also be humor, "The heart of the series is the way the tragedy and drama are always mixed with a healthy dose of funny, even in the face of such a profound loss." As always, love will be a tricky procedure: "We are starting the season with five couples," Vernoff says, "I'd be surprised if we ended with five couples, but you never know." What's New: The show may be without its title character due to Pompeo's real-life pregnancy (she's due in October). Vernoff predicts Mer will appear in at least the first six episodes of the season and promises and interesting excuse to explain her absence. And Heigl's burgeoning film career will inevitably cause a decrease in her screen time as well. "We are trying to write defensively," Vernoff says of working around the two actresses' schedules. As a result, we could see more storylines revolving around actors like Dane -- who certainly has more to offer than getting his pe nis broken -- and we may see a lighter side of McKidd's war-traumatized surgeon. Who's Stepping Up: Watch for Emmy nominated scene-stealer Chandra Wilson to put a few more feathers in her cap. She will appear in another cross-over episode with Private Practice (adding a little more heat to the spark between her character and Taye Diggs' Sam perhaps?) scheduled for October 15th, and this season Wilson will become the first cast member to direct an episode of Grey's.


LOL, I needed to post this thread. It seems it's not only Grey that does grief sex:


Anuflas, thanks so much for posting that link. It made this Gizzie fan very happy to hear that. I was feeling a bit low before that. Do you have the link?


Maybe they're all just acting tough. When you lose someone, i think you also want to laugh and get distracted so you don't have to think about it all of the time.


It sounds that EP's voice is just recorded and used a double to 'assume' that it's Mer running up the stairs. I think that with some music and a certain sound arrangement it's going to sound better once the epi airs. I guess it's the way that they'll keep EP rested. Parading a naked PD. Genius. And you're welcome to all. If anyone wants the rest of the article (not that interesting, just saying what's next) let me know so I can find it and post it. :)


aww aww aww mcdreamy is a mcnaked,,, hahaha so funny... by the way ellen's voice is really different huh sounds weird..


If my best friend and person just died, I wouldn't be happy and laughing, that's for sure, married or not. George meant so much to Izzie. I really loved their connection and they seem to be demeaning it by having Izzie forget George so soon. It really upset me. We got almost no George or GI scene last season, so I was hoping they would at least take 2 or 3 episodes to honour George and how much he meant to everyone, esp. Izzie and Mer. It's not too much to ask for. I know I need to see the whole thing before judging, but this feels wrong and insulting.


DUDE!!! Cannot wait for End of September! AHH :D
I am gonna get a bowl of jelly and ice cream and munchies.
Curl up in Bed! And watch in the dark!! Cannot wait! Woop!
Love this clip!!! Yeah Izzie and Alex may not be Sad but they just got married! And you would smile and laugh when you see 2 people getting it on, on the stairs lol! Who woulden't!!
So gonna cri at Georges Funeral! Who else?
Gonna be so weird without George! :[


Hannah i couldn agree more!


Yes let's agree to disagree. I guess whether you like them as a couple or just friends, you can't deny those two had a special connection that went beyond any labels or definitions. Someone can be the person you love most in the world without it being romantic. Look at JD and Turk on Scrubs. I just am confused as to why Izzie and the others are laughing and so happy. How much time is suppose to have passed? I am a bit confused too because krista said both episodes would be all about grieving George. I know it's just a little segment of it, but there doesn't seem much grieving going on. It feels a bit insulting to George.

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In medical school, we have a hundred lessons that teach us how to fight off death, and not one lesson on how to go on living.

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