Blair Waldorf Fashion: The College Years

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Below is a four-minute video feature in which Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman discusses how he is outfitting Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) this season.

We previously saw Eric's breakdown of Serena's style for Season 3. Now he's talking about how the show is reinventing Blair's look with her matriculating at NYU.

Blair, of course, is anti-NYU by nature, and this shines through in her fashion choices. How will she reconcile this in the coming season of Gossip Girl? See below.

Check out this preview of Blair Waldorf fashion - with a bonus look at Chuck Bass' new look (modeled after Michael Douglas' character in the film Wall Street) ...

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl Style Preview: Blair"] [/video]

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bahahaha she's wering a brooch, he's wearing a brooch... it's INSANE. he's funny :)
i am so excited for season three now! did anyone else kind of melt near the end when it was chuck in his suspenders and blair in her little floral dress and chuck was all like 'hey'? haah i love them :)


what are you all thinking this new style is yucky it makes blair look lke a granny all that properness and be structered
is ugly and it makes her not look cool i like the old blair waldorf style make it more like that except more mature ... as for chuck lov it hot like always


awhhh i think chuck and blair live together cuz she says "lets go home" to him and she walks in and stuff like its both their places. thats soo cute! :)


looking at what they are wearing and where they are when chuck says "hey" it seems to be post 'kicking the blond skank out'. just for anyone out there still stressing on that whole thing.


omg that "hey" at 3:30 makes me want to melt... CHUCK IS SOOOO FRIKING HAWTT xD


blair always wonderful...and the clothes soo amazing
i want the season 3 NOW


Is there anything better in the world than Chuck Bass at 3:30-32?! hey... (and puts an adorable face).
I swear this seasnon I'm gonna die of C&B happiness!!


no way to Carter! trying hard guy. Boo Serena and Carter. Carter should just burn in hell. hahahahah


when chuck said hey ... i think i blacked out for a second:)


I forget to mention I love when blair said to vanessa and Dan let us make this clear we don't know each other here hahaha blair will never change

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