John Cooper to Come Out of the Closet on Southland

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It was subtle, but it was made clear: John Cooper, the veteran office played by Michael Cudlitz on Southland, is gay.

The series hinted at this fact by simply showing the cop drinking a beer at a bar filled with men during the conclusion of a season one episode.

But Cudlitz told TV Guide Magazine's William Keck that more will be revealed about his character this fall.

"We're going to find out a lot very soon about John Cooper's past, present and future," the actor said. "But his sexuality won't be forced on viewers. That's not what the show's about."

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Will anyone have a problem with Cooper as a homosexual? Yes, but it's "not someone we've already been introduced to. It's going to be somebody new we come in contact with," Cudlitz said.

Moreover, the drama - which moves to Friday nights on NBC - will feature a few members of Cooper's extended family. Sounds like one of them will be the homophobe in question.

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