Expect a "Sexual Revolution" on Melrose Place

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The promotional posters have already made it obvious: Expect a great deal of sex on the rebooted version of Melrose Place.

But in an interview with E! News this week, producer Todd Slavkin drove this point home even harder.

"We feel that there is a current sexual revolution going on. Kind of post-AIDS - where the boundaries are off," he said. "[The characters'] parents have been shackled, and they want to explore."

The New Cast

A heavy dose of heavy breathing isn't all fans can look forward to...

Sydney is back: Said Slavkin: "You thought Sydney died in the original show. But in episode three, we'll take you back to that night and how it came about that she lived. And something tells me she didn't do it alone."

Jo and Jane, too: The former will return from her stint as a war photographer; while the latter "will not be victimized anymore," Slavkin said.

There will be a new landord: There will have to be, considering Sydney's death in the pilot. Slavkin hypes this as "a big reveal" and added: "It's a familiar face!"

Speaking of familiar faces: "We won't rule out [a 90210 crossover]," Slavkin said. "We have tremendous respect for that show."

Other possible Melrose Place spoilers include the rumored return of Heather Locklear and Grant Show.

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Melrose Place Quotes

I've never seen a dead body before.


David: I have a life right now that doesn't include you.
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